Preschool Poets Me by J-Money | STASH MAGAZINE

Daniel Bruson Animates “Me” by Ja’Lantea, aka J-Money

Sao Paulo designer/director Daniel Bruson, whose 2015 film for NSPCC called “Pete’s Story” still breaks my heart with every viewing, takes a sweeter turn here animating the flow of a Preschool Poet. [Watch]

The Biggs Breech Delivery | STASH MAGAZINE

Daniel Bruson: The Biggs “Breech Delivery”

Sao Paulo designer/director Daniel Bruson, who directed the powerful NSPCC “Pete’s Story” spot last year, changes gears completely in this frenetic Basquiat-flavored video for Brazilian power punk trio The Biggs. [Watch]

NSPCC Lovers Daniel Bruson | STASH MAGAZINE

Haunting and Powerful: “Pete’s Story”

A heart-wrenching narrative becomes exponentially more emotional when the hero is a child. Witness “Pete’s Story,” a new chapter in the powerful body of ad work commissioned by UK children’s charity NSPCC. [Watch]