Like Me short film | STASH MAGAZINE

Here’s Why You’re Obsessed with “Like Me”

Irish animator Max Halley (currently working at Giant Ant in Vancouver) recruits a straight-talking chicken to reveal the deep-rooted psychological source of your perpetual and overwhelming need for other people’s approval.

Max Halley: “I had initially tried to write a script for a short animated film, but all my efforts lacked the energy of the animations I was really inspired by (Duck Amuck, Rejected, Creature Comforts, I Met The Walrus), all of which had brilliant recorded dialogue.

“Luckily enough, I had a funny, engaging, articulate, lovable and willing performer in Maria Kirchner on hand and I began recording her constantly. All the animation was done in Adobe After Effects.”

Animation: Max Halley
Chicken: Maria Kirchner
Interviewer: Max Halley

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