“Office Scripts in Excel Online” by (and for) Microsoft Design

Microsoft Design creative director Nando Costa: “This latest UX film we have created in-house and showcases one of the latest and most exciting capabilities of Excel Online, which allows the recording, editing, and sharing of simple, yet powerful scripts using a modern programming language.

“As these scripts run in the cloud, they can be scheduled to run autonomously and asynchronously across spreadsheets and can be associated with more elaborate automation workflows via PowerAutomate.

“In the film, we wanted to capture a duality between complexity and simplicity that customers often experience in gathering large volumes of data, while ultimately needing to express the results in simple ways to others.

“We also wanted to register the ease of use of this experience in creating these scripts, as well as sharing and automating them in an authentically Excel branded world.”
Client: Microsoft

Production: Microsoft Design
Creative Director: Nando Costa
Art Direction/Animation: Alexis Copeland, Rudy Vessup, Ryan Gagnier
Data Visualization Design: Sunmin Chung
Data Visualization Animation: Chris Lorance

Music/Sound Design: Zelig Sound