Ringling College Computer Animation Class of 2023 Grad Films | STASH MAGAZINE

Ringling Computer Animation Class of ’23 Grad Films

The newest crop of student films out of the Ringling College Computer Animation Department feature four very different protagonists singing, eating, exploring, and following their hearts toward four happy endings. [Watch]

Polymath Hay Crate Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

Polymath Elevates the Hay Crate in New Short Film

Cincinnati studio Polymath Motion celebrates the minimalist beauty and thoughtful utility of Hay’s 100% recycled color crates with an elegant in-house exercise in form, light, and composition. [Watch]

BarkandBite Crocs Off Court | STASH MAGAZIINE

Bark&Bite Takes Croc’s “Off Court” and Into Print

Inspired by print magazines and fanzines, the design and animation crew at Bark&Bite in London say they “aimed at pulling on nostalgic heartstrings” in their first work for Crocs. [Watch]

PUBG Mobile promo by B-O-D studio | STASH MAGAZINE

B-O-D studio Unleashes Electric Promo for PUBG Mobile

Gifted with creative freedom by the client, B-O-D studio in Beijing unleashes an adrenalin blast of hyper-parkour action, cool weapons, and hapless zombies in this promo for the free battle royale shooter PUBG Mobile. [Watch]

Milford Merge Gardens Trailer | STASH MAGAZINE

Milford Adds a Little Mystery to FuturePlay’s Merge Gardens

Danish animation director Kim Hagen Jensen and the Milford Animation team in Stockholm, conjure some fabulously freakish flora for the relaunch of FuturePlay’s free-to-play puzzle game Merge Gardens. [Watch]

short film Last One KaoMing | STASH MAGAZINE

Your Brain and the Bar Become One in New Short Film by Ming-Shuo Kao

Taiwan CG artist and motion designer Ming-Shuo Kao just slipped onto the Stash radar with this ambitious and fanciful CG take on must-have future tech that combines neuroscience, furniture, and mixology. [Watch]

Histeria Nunu A League of Legends Story | STASH MAGAZINE

Histeria! Runs Riot in New Music Video for “Nunu: A League of Legends Story”

Switching seamlessly between 2D and CG animation, director Jan Xavier and the crew at São Paulo studio Histeria! translate a fantasy adventure about a boy and his yeti into a music video/trailer for Riot’s “Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story”. [Watch]

Chromosphere Short Film Yukis Daydream Unreal Engine | STASH MAGAZINE

Chromosphere Reflects on Un-Reality With New Short Film “Yuki’s Daydream”

Founder/director Kevin Dart and his design and animation team at Chromosphere transplant the star of their Yuki 7 web series into a light and clever real-time simulation training video using Unreal Engine. [Watch]

King and Country The Continental TV Series Titles Lionsgate Peacock

King+Country Channel 70’s Style and Action to Open “The Continental” On Peacock

Referencing 1970’s analog design techniques, King+Country set a gritty and dangerous tone for The Continental, a three-episode miniseries born from the world of John Wick produced by Lionsgate and airing on Peacock. [Watch]

Motion-Plus-Design-New-Delhi-2023 | STASH MAGAZINE

Motion Plus Design Launches Event in New Delhi

The always-fabulous Motion Plus Design series expands to India with a satellite event in New Delhi on October 28th featuring some of the region’s top motion designers and a live stream Q&A with Imaginary Forces CD Karen Fong. [Watch]

Adobe Substance 3D Assets video Sebastian Marek | STASH MAGAZINE

Sebastian Marek Adds Style to Adobe Substance 3D

Warsaw-based 3D artist Sebastian Marek designs and directs a playful brand video highlighting the key features and benefits of the Adobe Substance 3D asset library. [Watch]

FutureDeluxe Huawei Ultimate Design Watch | STASH MAGAZINE

FutureDeluxe Conjures the “Ultimate Design” For Huawei

CDs Tom Crate and Dave Webster at FutureDeluxe in London amp up the drama for an elemental reveal of Huawei’s Ultimate Design luxury smartwatch (complete with black nanocrystal ceramic bezel and 18K gold inlays). [Watch]

The Beatles vs The Stones animated short film Dog & Rabbit | STASH MAGAZINE

Dog & Rabbit Stages The Beatles vs The Stones Album Art Smackdown

After a blisteringly successful run on the festival circuit, the playful minds at Dog & Rabbit in London have released their cheeky take on a faux-feud between the UK’s two biggest bands into the wilds of the internet. [Watch]

Tennis Australia Hits Different With New Spot From BUCK | STASH MAGAZINE

Tennis Australia “Hits Different” With New Spot From BUCK

The design and animation crew at BUCK in Sydney take an appropriately light and loose approach to dressing up archival tennis action from The Australian Open in new work highlighting the relaxed social atmosphere of Aussie tennis. [Watch]

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