HUXLEY Feature Main Trailer Sava Zivkovic | STASH MAGAZINE

“HUXLEY” Feature Main Trailer by Sava Zivkovic

Serbian director/animator Sava Zivkovic, whose outstanding short film Irradiation is featured in the Best of Stash 2021 collection, teams with concept designer Ben Mauro to bring Mauro’s HUXLEY graphic novel to the screen. [Watch]

Pinball Clemons Foundation The Game of Life by Yellow Lab FUSE Create | STASH MAGAZINE

Pinball Clemons Foundation “The Game of Life” by Yellow Lab and FUSE Create

The all-Toronto team of director/animator Andrew Embury at Yellow Lab and agency FUSE Create craft an animated and heartfelt hero video for the Pinball Clemons Foundation and how they use donations to help disadvantaged kids. [Watch]

Smith & Foulkes Spread Their Wings for South Western Railway

New work from Nexus directors Smith & Foulkes will always brighten your day and so it is with this breezy spot for the UK’s South Western Railway starring commuters Wesley Peck and Sandy C Gull thru agency St. Luke’s. [Watch]

Max-Cooper-Exotic-Contents-Music-video-Xander-Steenbrugge | STASH MAGAZINE

Max Cooper “Exotic Contents” Music video by Xander Steenbrugge

For his latest experiment merging music and visuals, producer/musician/artist Max Cooper teams with Belgian machine learning researcher and digital artist Xander Steenbrugge to turn the words of philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein into a spellbinding stream of motion art. [Watch]

Pixel Farm Twosday Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

Pixel Farm Marks 2/22/22 with “Twosday” Short Film

Pixel Farm studio in Minneapolis gives a shout out to the magic of multiple twos on Feb 2, 2022 (auspicious in both the Chinese calendar and numerology) with an in-house project built around a digital art gallery. [Watch]

Estee Lauder Craftmanship FILFURY The Mill | STASH MAGAZINE

Estée Lauder “Craftmanship” by FILFURY and The Mill

The Mill Design Studio and roster director FILFURY showcase the craftsmanship of Estée Lauder’s heavyweight, soft-close, eyeshadow packaging with “an array of rich, elegant, and textural, graphic design vignettes”. [Watch]

30 Days of NIKE by Feral Child | STASH MAGAZINE

“30 Days of Nike” by Feral Child

Feral Child, the London-based studio of animation directors Nella Addy and Rogan van den Berg, lean into their talent for offbeat design and animated fun in this “ode to Nike” in-house project. [Watch]

Brawl Stars Rico in Love Trailer Psyop | STASH MAGAZINE

Brawl Stars “Rico in Love” Trailer by Psyop

The latest in Psyop’s series of CG trailers for Supercell’s multiplayer online game Brawl Stars finds Super Rare (and not terribly bright) Brawler Rico falling hard for a candy vending machine. [Watch]

UBS Fondation Beyeler What is Art? Part of a Bigger Plan | STASH MAGAZINE

UBS x Fondation Beyeler “What is Art?” by Part of a Bigger Plan

Amsterdam studio Part of a Bigger Plan helps Swiss bank UBS and Basel-based Fondation Beyeler answer big questions about the nature and meaning of art with a clean and kinetic collage of motion techniques. [Watch]

River-Launches-River-Paris-Perfume | STASH MAGAZINE

River in Paris Launches River Paris Perfume (Sort of)

French studio River expands a snippet of their brilliant 2020 mock-manifesto film into a full-blown and over-the-top faux-commercial for their own imaginary perfume while gently poking at the genre’s tropes. [Watch]

The Rift Animated Short Film Olivier Lescot and Eddy | STASH MAGAZINE

“The Rift” Animated Short Film by Olivier Lescot and Eddy

Eddy director Olivier Lescot draws inspiration from Hollywood westerns, graphic novels, and classic manga into a new personal film he describes as “an exploration of immersive camera movement capturing all the essence of pure action.” [Watch]

Ecovative Brand Film by Vantage Films and SuperFly | STASH MAGAZINE

Ecovative Brand Film by Vantage Films and SuperFly

VantageFilms CD Vasil Hnatiuk and Russian animation studio SuperFly team up to showcase the innovation and scalability of Ecovative’s pioneering work in the science of growing mycelium to replace plastics and other polluting materials. [Watch]

Plastic Pollution Coalition A Love Letter to Plastic Nicolo Bianchino | STASH MAGAZINE

Plastic Pollution Coalition “A Love Letter to Plastic” by Nicolo Bianchino

Breaking off our relationship with single-use plastics won’t be easy but Brooklyn director/animator Nicolo Bianchino takes the first step in this heartfelt brand film for advocacy group Plastic Pollution Coalition. [Watch]

Life 1 Art Film Tendril | STASH MAGAZINE

“Life #1” Art Film and Digital Gallery by Tendril

From the team at Tendril in Toronto: “Simulated life: moving, expanding, regenerating. This collaborative artwork was first displayed in the immersive theatre of AOI/Shoyu’s gallery in the metaverse. [Watch]