ManvsMachine Renault Scenic E-Tech | STASH MAGAZINE

Fashion vs Electricity: ManvsMachine Drops Scenic E-Tech Spot for Renault

Sleek CG style melds seamlessly with the French fashion scene in this new showcase spot for Renault’s Scenic E-Tech 100% electric vehicle directed by ManvsMachine thru Friend London and Quad for Publicis. [Watch]

Steelworks Launches Anacapa 2 Mach X Shoes for HOKA | STASH MAGAZINE

Steelworks Launches Anacapa 2 & Mach X Shoes for HOKA (Director’s Cuts)

CDs Nidia Dias and Miguel Rato at London CG studio Steelworks showcase both the features and aesthetics of HOKA’s Anacapa 2 and Mach X shoes in these vigorous launch spots for the activewear brand thru Anomaly LA. [Watch]

Solar Pulse short film Leon Liang Pause Originals | STASH MAGAZINE

Leon Liang Drops “Solar Pulse” Short Film for Pause Originals

Shanghai motion director/concept artist Leon Liang indulges his love of building out sci-fi worlds in this vision, created for Pause Originals, of a future where orbiting solar stations have solved the energy question. [Watch]

MEGA Online Marketplace Hasmik Mkhchyan Triada Studios | STASH MAGAZINE

Hasmik Mkhchyan Keeps the Shopping Surreal for MEGA

Director and motion artist Hasmik Mkhchyan (whose breakout AI short film you can watch here) mixes tyFlow simulations and a touch of the surreal into her CG motion design spot for new online marketplace MEGA. [Watch]

Erik Wernquist One Revolution Per Minute Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

Welcome Aboard Erik Wernquist’s Latest Love Letter to Space “One Revolution Per Minute”

Stockholm digital artist Erik Wernquist continues to mine his fascination with all things space-related in his newest short film, a finely detailed and thoughtfully lit peek inside a planetary orbiter built for leisure travel. [Watch]

We Are Batch The Piece of String Short Story Nearpod | STASH MAGAZINE

We Are Batch Illuminate “The Piece of String” Short Story for Nearpod

Guy de Maupassant’s classic 1883 short story “The Piece of String” finds a new audience among Gen Z students with help from this concise animated version by Cape Town studio We Are Batch for education technology platform Nearpod. [Watch]

Fuk U short film by Lucas Durkheim Eddy Brunch Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

Lucas Durkheim has a Surprise “Fuk U” for the Bad Guys

Eddy director Lucas Durkheim indulges his obsession with action movies in this short, intense, and comedic glimpse into the work and family life of Coco, a rogue hit woman who finds plenty of satisfaction in her job. [Watch]

Twistedpoly new short film Birth | STASH MAGAZINE

Twistedpoly Explores the Complexities of a New Life in “Birth” Short Film

Inspired by the upcoming birth of his son, director/CG artist Nejc Polovsak (aka Twistedpoly) crafts an intricate, organic, and very personal film about the start of life which premiered at Burning Man 2023. [Watch]

Billy short film for Pause Originals by ZHEESHEE | STASH MAGAZINE

This Garbage Robot Needs Your Help to Be a Dad

In a refreshingly upbeat take on the future of the environment, director Artem Shcherbakov and the ZHEESHEE animation crew introduce a trash-powered robot with existential problems for the 2023 portfolio of Pause Originals short films. [Watch]

François Rousselet MPC x The Mill Paris Jean Paul Gaultier Divine | STASH MAGAZINE

François Rousselet and The Mill Paris Keep Jean Paul Gaultier and Yara Shahidi “Divine”

Division director François Rousselet and the VFX team at The Mill Paris build a fabulously over-the-top, gilded maritime adventure around American actress/producer Yara Shahidi for Jean Paul Gaultier’s Divine perfume. [Watch]

Psyop League of Legends Worlds 2023 Anthem music video | STASH MAGAZINE

Psyop Launches League of Legends Worlds 2023 with Epic Anthem Music Video

Psyop directors Marie Hyon and HANZOHANZO amp the excitement ahead of the League of Legends 2023 World Championship this week with a four-minute ode to grit and determination powered by vocals from K-Pop phenom NewJeans. [Watch]

Charlie Toque and Jelly Polaroid Retinex I-Type film | STASH MAGAZINE

Charlie Toqué and Jelly Trip Through Color Theory for Polaroid

Polaroid founder Edwin Land’s retinex theory of color, first published in 1977, comes to whimsical life in this spot from Jelly director/designer/animator Charlie Toqué for the brand’s new I-Type film. [Watch]

Pause Originals 2023 The Forester by Mixcode Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

The Future is Bright in MixCode’s Pause Originals Short Film “The Forester”

Director Julian Chen and the team at Taiwan design and motion studio MixCode take a lighter approach to the theme of a sustainable and hopeful future by casting an irrepressible robot and sidekick drone in their new Pause Originals short. [Watch]

LeBron XXI Nike brand film by Korb | STASH MAGAZINE

Korb Gets Up Close and Personal With the LeBron XXI for Nike

Rimantas Lukavicius, founder/CD at Korb: “It was a pleasure working on this one. The shoe has an amazing design itself, we just needed to place it in the right environment with the right pace for the viewers to admire it.” [Watch]

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