Illo’s New Explainer for Thousand Currents is Motion Design for a Meaningful Cause

Creative director Cristina Pasquale leads the illustration and animation teams at illo in Turin, Italy, into a global adventure of bold colors, geometric patterns and diverse characters for grant-making organization Thousand Currents. [Watch]

Iceman George Gervin One9 doc inserts Studio AKA | STASH MAGAZINE

Studio AKA Paints Portraits of the “Iceman” for One9

Studio AKA director Steve Small conjures the dark times in the life of NBA hall of famer George Gervin in three evocative animated portait sequences for One9’s documentary Iceman, released on the NBA App and NBA TV. [Watch]

Spot Studio 4g and 8g brand films lool Eyewear | STASH MAGAZINE

Spot Studio Weighs Up Two Films for lool Eyewear

Director Nicolás Cañellas and the motion crew at Spot Studio in Barcelona elevate the profile of hometown eyewear maker lool with two precise and tactile films ​​​​​​​highlighting the brands light-weight and thoughtful designs. [Watch]

Florentina Gonzalez El After Del Mundo Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

Florentina González Explores the Afterlife After Life in “El After Del Mundo” Short Film

After a stellar tour of the festival circuit, Buenos Aires director Florentina González unleashes her wholly original and delightfully strange short film El After Del Mundo (about the post-apocalypse afterlife) to the wider world. [Watch]

Adult Swim Toonami ID by Zeppelin and Apus Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

Zeppelin and Apus Studio Charm the Zombies in New Adult Swim Toonami ID

Toonami, Adult Swim’s Japanese animation programming block gets a quick kick in the branding with this crazed 20-second mix of 3D and 2D character animation from the teams at Zeppelin and Apus Studios in Lima, Peru. [Watch]

Piktura Students Cook Up 180C Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

Piktura Students Chop and Cook Their Way to “180°C” Short Film

Third year students Joséphine Vendeville, Clémence Bellet, Florian Lecocq, Célia Leblois, and Charlie Bossuyt at French digital arts school Piktura (formerly Pôle 3D) craft a culinary world tour in their short film “180°C”. [Watch]

Bitkey Brand Film by Zachary Corzine and Creative Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

Creative Studio Take Custody of Bitkey in New Brand Film

Designer/director Zachary Corzine and the crew at Creative Studio just dropped us their resplendent new brand film for Bitkey, the self-custody Bitcoin wallet developed by Block Inc., the company behind Square and Cash App. [Watch]

Jar of Sparks Announcement Trailer by Territory Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

Territory Studio Drops Announcement Trailer for Game Studio Jar of Sparks

London’s Territory Studio delivers plenty of elemental drama in this 90-second film announcing the launch of Jar of Sparks, the new game development studio founded by Xbox pioneer Jerry Hook and Chinese internet giant NetEase. [Watch]

Form Play and Studio Makgill Elevate Joint Living | STASH MAGAZINE

Form Play and Studio Makgill Elevate Joint Living

Working with Brighton design and branding firm Studio Makgill, character animation specialists Form Play convey the joyfulness and well-being at the center of UK student accommodation brand Joint Living. [Watch]

Enki Construction Brand Film by Dmitry Cherenkov | STASH MAGAZINE

Dmitry Cherenkov Captures Light and Warmth in New Brand Film for Enki Construction

Paris-based art director Dmitry Cherenkov captures a sense of warmth and thoughtful design across both day and night in this tranquil and abstracted CG brand film for Ukraine-based construction company Enki. [Watch]

Freise Brothers Codechaos Laceless Primeknit Boost | STASH MAGAZINE

The Freise Brothers Break Free From the Tyranny of Laces

LA-based directing twins, Adam and Nathan Freise team with veteran art director Ren Chen for a golf shoe glitch-fest in this 30-second blast of CG Style for adidas and their Codechaos Laceless Primeknit Boost. [Watch]

Best-of-Stash-2023-VFX | STASH MAGAZINE

Best of Stash 2023: VFX!

The art and craft of VFX never really gets the recognition it deserves. First, because the work is often meant to be undetectable and second, many still believe “it’s all done by computers.” Hopefully, this compilation helps right those wrongs. [Watch]

Vadim Epstein AI short film Phantasmagoria | STASH MAGAZINE

Vadim Epstein Unleashes “Phantasmagoria” AI Film

Deploying a bespoke Stable Diffusion toolkit, artist/director/coder Vadim Epstein’s latest AI experiment generates a short film full of surreal characters shifting unpredictably between the curious and the grotesque. [Watch]

Best-of-Stash-2023-Advertising | STASH MAGAZINE

Best of Stash 2023: Advertising!

Filtering out the best from the torrent of worldwide commercial advertising is a definite slog but ultimately worthwhile because hidden in that relentless flow of mediocrity you will find gems worth snatching and savoring. [Watch]