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Patrick Clair Cracks “True Detective” for HBO

Inspired by the work of photographer Richard Misrach, Elastic director Patrick Clair conjures a world of dark intrigue with this compelling open for HBO’s new “True Detective” series starring and EP’d by Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson which launched Saturday. Design, animation and compositing by Antibody in Sydney.

Patrick Clair: “I really admire how the filmmakers used the setting to reflect the lives of the protagonists. Incomplete shots and broken portraits illustrate the internal struggle within each character. We made sure that these elements were central themes of the opening titles.”

Main Titles: Elastic
Director: Patrick Clair
Executive Producer: Jennifer Sofio Hall

Design, Animation, Compositing: Antibody
Senior Designer: Raoul Marks
Animation, Compositing: Raoul Marks, Patrick Da Cunha
Producer: Bridget Walsh
Research: Anna Watanabe

Additional Compositing: Breeder
Compositing: Chris Morris, Joyce Ho
Production: Candace Browne, Adam West