School of Motion Brand Manifesto Video by Ordinary Folk

From the release:

School of Motion, Inc. (“School of Motion” or “SOM”), and its founder and CEO Joey Korenman, have announced the completion of a brand manifesto video and new, refined vision for the nearly seven-year-old company. A complete company rebrand (by Blind) and redesigned and revamped website (from Unfold) are expected to follow later this year.

Headquartered in Sarasota, FL, and comprised of an entirely remote staff located across the world, School of Motion is dedicated to reinventing the way students learn motion design, and learn online, by combining the best part of traditional brick-and-mortar school with technology that allows SOM students to live anywhere in the world and receive the best motion graphics training on the planet.

Nearly 7,000 artists from more than 100 countries have taken School of Motion courses — and many of the school’s alumni, some without any other “formal” training aside from SOM classes, now work in coveted motion design roles with some of the best studios and biggest brands in the world. School of Motion also coordinates directly with design studios and other companies to help them recruit talent directly from its student body.

“We’re on a mission to create a soup-to-nuts curriculum that will let anyone, anywhere in the world, get a world-class education in motion design,” says Mr. Korenman. “It’s with this in mind that we proudly release our manifesto video — at once a declaration and a hint of what’s to come. I believe, deep in my bones, we’re on to something.”

Jorge R. Canedo E., the owner and creative director of Ordinary Folk, who led SOM’s brand manifesto video project, concurs; Mr. Korenman pitched Mr. Canedo an early version of the manifesto idea at the first Blend Conference and, a few years later, it’s come to fruition.

Client: School of Motion
Production team: Joey Korenman, Reaghan Puleo

Director: Ordinary Folk
Creative director: Jorge R. Canedo E.
Producer: Stefan Green
Writer: Julie Rybarczyk
Designer: Jay Quercia, Nuria Boj, Loris F. Alessandria
Animator: Jorge R. Canedo E., Victor Silva, Greg Stewart, Joélie Sémoulin, Jordan Bergren, Manuel Neto, Claudio Salas, Jose Peña
Featuring animation from SOM alumni: Taylor J Peters, Deanna Reilly, Francisco M. Quiles N., Abbie Bacilla

Music/sound design: Ambrose Yu

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