SkyDrama IDs via Seoul’s Cobb Studio

The Cobb Studio crew in Seoul, South Korea ignore all the tired tropes that dog TV drama and bust out a cast of geo-minimalist characters in these effervescent on-air brand IDs for SkyDrama.

Cobb Studio: “To represent this channel that airs programs from different genres, we created playful stories with various elements coming out of a box.

“Through these scenes the main concept for the channel, diversity in fun, is successfully presented by showing how different colors and shapes are combined to create a world of drama.”

Production: Cobb Studio
Director: Hyun-jung Yoo
Art director: Shinyoung Kim
Style frame: Hyun-jung Yoo, Shinyoung Kim
Animation: Hyun-jung Yoo
Producer: Mira Kim

Immediate Byte