SMARTY Mobile Campaign by Pencil Bandit

London director/illustrator/animator Pencil Bandit applies his skills for creating what he calls “goofy and candy-colored” characters to a pair of spots for new UK SIM-only mobile network SMARTY.

Pencil Bandit: “This was a perfect debut project under Somesense: combining Gravity Road’s snappy scripts with my strange menagerie of characters, and mixing in some visual gags for extra flavor.

“Add a sprinkling of improv and a soupçon of silly voices in the recording sessions, et voilà! Bon appétit! It was a relatively swift schedule, but our hyper-flat look and punchy animation style only help to sell these little shop-based comedy skits.”


Client: SMARTY Mobile

Agency: Gravity Road

Production: Somesense
Director/animator: Pencil Bandit

Voices: Tom Bennett, Katherine Parkinson