2024 Refugee Olympic Team commercial Framestore | STASH MAGAZINE

Framestore Powers 2024 Refugee Olympic Team to Paris

Director/ECD William Bartlett leads the Framestore production and VFX teams in this merger of 2D, 3D, and AI designed to raise awareness and support for the Refugee Olympic Team as they prep for the Paris games this summer. [Watch]

Smart Energy GB "Join the Energy Revolution" by Rocky Morton and The Mill | STASH MAGAZINE

Smart Energy GB “Join the Energy Revolution” by Rocky Morton and The Mill

The latest non-stop CG flight directly over the uncanny valley lands with conviction in a British bathtub with Albert Einstein carefully crafted by the VFX crew at The Mill in concert with veteran MJZ director Rocky Morton. [Watch]

SMARTY Mobile No Long Contracts by Pencil Bandit | STASH MAGAZINE

SMARTY Mobile Campaign by Pencil Bandit

London director/illustrator/animator Pencil Bandit applies his skills for creating what he calls “goofy and candy-colored” characters to a pair of spots for new UK SIM-only mobile network SMARTY. [Watch]