Best of Stash 2014 Preview #3: “Jinxy Jenkins, Lucky Lou”

Ringling College students Michael Bidinger and Michelle Kwon hit every beat perfectly in their graduation film, a stellar four-minute romantic comedy called “Jinxy Jenkins, Lucky Lou.”

The refined character design, animation subtleties and clever story arc (combined with the breezy original core by Mason Self and sound design by Nick Ainsworth) make it easy to forget you’re watching a student film and not the trailer for a new Disney feature.

Michael Bidinger: “From the start, we really wanted our characters to be remembered. We knew that the conflict would have to stem from them, and not just circumstances they stumbled into. Creating the kind of ‘stars aligned’ dichotomy between them in the story was probably one of the hardest things to figure out.”
Jinxy Jenkins, Lucky Lou | STASH MAGAZINE

Jinxy Jenkins, Lucky Lou | STASH MAGAZINE

School: Ringling College of Art and Design
Directors/animators: Michael Bidinger, Michelle Kwon
Production management: Sarah Kambara

Sound design: Nick Ainsworth
Vocals: Ed Skudder, Lynn Wang
Original Score: Mason Self

Maya, Renderman, Photoshop, Premiere, Nuke