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StoryCorps “The Great Thanksgiving Listen”

StoryCorps’ mission to “record, share and preserve the stories of our lives” gains momentum this holiday with the release of their app (iOS and Android) designed to help us all make history by interviewing a grandparent or other elder for the Great Thanksgiving Listen.

According to the site:

“It’s simple. Download the free StoryCorps app,
choose your questions, follow the built-in
prompts, and with one tap, upload and preserve
your interview for future generations at the
Library of Congress.”

CLIENT: StoryCorps
DIRECTED BY: Kirill Yeretsky
WRITTEN BY: Dave Isay, Addison Anderson, Kirill Yeretsky
NARRATED BY: David Hyde Pierce
DESIGN AND ART DIRECTION: Ellen Su, Kirill Yeretsky
STORYBOARD: Wing Luo, Ellen Su
ANIMATION / ART: Harry Teitelman, Ellen Su, Rob Chandler, Kirill Yeretsky
MUSIC COMPOSER: Stephen LaRosa (Wonderboy Audio)
SOUND DESIGN: Michael Feuser