Strap Yourself in for The Line’s “Battle Aces” Game Trailer

Director Louve Karnas and the animation crew at The Line in London smash together an array of 2D and 3D techniques for a full-on neural assault in this hyper-action trailer for Uncapped Games’ premiere release Battle Aces.

From The Line: “This film marks the third directorial piece of our very own Louve Karnas, who had such a clear image for this epic from the very start and our art director, Bruno Mayor brought that vision to life from his very first style frames.

“Those first few frames in the film were real north stars. With all the components that went into this piece (motion graphics, FX, 2D and 3D animation) all having to marry together but the team’s vision never wavered. Collaborating with Uncapped was an absolute dream. Every person involved in this project gave their complete all to it and we couldn’t be prouder of the final result.”
Uncapped Games Battle Aces game trailer by The Line | STASH MAGAZINE

Uncapped Games Battle Aces game trailer by The Line | STASH MAGAZINE

Uncapped Games Battle Aces game trailer by The Line | STASH MAGAZINE

Uncapped Games Battle Aces game trailer by The Line | STASH MAGAZINE

Uncapped Games Battle Aces game trailer by The Line | STASH MAGAZINE
Client: Uncapped Games

Production: The Line
Director: Louve Karnas
Producer: Eva Dahlqvist
Creative Director: Wesley Louis
Art Director: Bruno Mayor
Animation Lead: Venla Linna
Compositing Lead: Clarisse Valeix
Production Manager: Denise Cirone
Production Coordinator: Michaela Dede
Production Assistant: Taylan Özörer
EP: Laura Breaden
ECD: Tim McCourt
Head of Production: Hanae Seida
Head of Animation: Yino Huan
Head of CG: Pete Addington
Head of Comp: Freddie Lewis-wall
Head of Art: Juancho Crespo
Production Support: Macarena Gaset, Viktoria Milcheva
Beatboards: Ninoc
Storyboards: Ninoc, Kevin Molina Ortiz, David Chambolle
Editor: Louve Karnas
Edit Assistant: Taylan Özörer
Concepts: Nikita Kukolev, Alex Thomas, Jonas Minnebo, Bruno Mayor, Eido Hayashi
Color Script: Bruno Mayor
FX Design: Olivier Malric
3D Look Development: Maxime Jouniot
Character Design: Simon Takerkart, Andrius Matijosius
Modelsheets/Cleanup: Venla Linna
2D Character Layout: Venla Linna, Jacob Matthess
2D Animation: Venla Linna, Alvise Zennaro, Jacob Matthess
FX Animation: Louve Karnas, Tony Unser, Erwin Rieffel, Paul Bouchart, Andrew Stadler
2D Animation Assist: Paola Costigliola, Jessica Teare
2D Cleanup/Color: Amix
Background Layout: Bruno Mayor, Eido Hayashi, Daniel Converio, Simon Masse, Cesar Chevalier
Background Paint: Bruno Mayor, Eido Hayashi, Daniel Converio, Igor Piwowarczyk, Matt Vince, Agathe Leroux
CG Supervisor: Pete Addington
3D Modeling: Matt Clark
3D Rigging: Nodilus
3D Layout: Maxime Jouniot, Quentin Dubois, William Lorton
3D Animator: Maxime Jouniot, William Lorton, Quentin Dubois
3D Lighting/Render: Maxime Jouniot, Gherardo Zurla
Graphic Design: Juancho Crespo
Graphic Design/Motion Graphics: Natasha Francis, Pablo Lozano
Compositing: Clarisse Valeix, Skye van der Walt, Natasha Francis, Antoine Foulot, Florian Odeja Diop, Vincent E Sousa, Abel Kohen, Freddie Lewis-wall
Color Grade: Freddie Lewis-wall

Music/Sound Design/Mix: Box of Toys Audio
Music Direction/Guitars: Mason Benjamin Fisher
Head of Operations: Anna Degenaar
Studio Coordinator: Lidia de Hita
Talent/Scheduling Coordinator: Jesus Ovejero