Diablo IV Deliver Us From Evil Launch Trailer The Mill | STASH MAGAZINE

Chloé Zhao and The Mill Fight the Darkness in Live Action Launch Trailer for Diablo IV

The Mill gathers a massive multi-national VFX team to conjure multiple levels of evil and darkness in this ominous launch trailer for Diablo IV, the latest installment of Blizzard’s blockbuster action RPG arriving June 6. [Watch]

Eggscape Eggstories by 3dar | STASH MAGAZINE

3dar’s Eggcellent New “Eggscape” Game Trailer

Director Federico Heller and the animation crew at 3dar (who brought us the epic insanity of this Lil Dicky video) just dropped a snappy piece of character comedy for their mixed reality game Eggscape. [Watch]

Stash 159 preview image | STASH MAGAZINE
Brand New School Brand New Game | STASH MAGAZINE

Brand New School Launches “Brand New Game” as Website Downtime Placeholder

From the release: Anyone who has redesigned a website knows the last mile is the longest; putting on the finishing touches and throwing the switch to replace the old site with the new one is among the more stressful aspects of the process. Bi-coastal creative company Brand New School has designed a novel solution to […] [Watch]

B-O-D studio Ninja Must Die 3 Trailer | STASH MAGAZINE

B-O-D studio Drops Ninja Must Die 3 Trailer for Japan

The animation team at B-O-D studio in Beijing conjures a two-minute blast of non-stop action fantasy to launch the third edition of Pandada Games’ Ninja Must Die franchise into the Japanese market. [Watch]

Mundfish Atomic Heart Frostbite Cinematic by Petrick | STASH MAGAZINE

Atomic Heart “Frostbite” Game Cinematic by Petrick

Tapping into vintage Soviet animated propaganda for inspiration, Misha Petrick and his Berlin-based crew spin up a fully unique in-game cinematic for Mundfish’s first-person shooter Atomic Heart. [Watch]