Unknown 9 Awakening DIGIC Pictures | STASH MAGAZINE

“Unknown 9: Awakening” Teaser Trailer by DIGIC Pictures

Hungarian CG studio DIGIC Pictures continues its run as an elite purveyor of film for the game industry with this character-driven work for Unknown 9: Awakening, the third-person action/adventure from Reflector Entertainment. [Read more]

Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed Trailer Puppetworks | STASH MAGAZINE

“Destroy All Humans 2: Reprobed” Game Trailer by Puppetworks

In their second outing for THQ Nordic’s open-world action-adventure game Destroy All Humans!, Budapest CG studio Puppetworks Animation cranks the bonkers knob to 11 while the alien hero Crypto lip-synchs to Rammstein’s “Amerika”. [Read more]

League of Legends Phoenixmancers by CRCR and Wizz | STASH MAGAZINE

League of Legends “Phoenixmancers” by CRCR and WIZZ

From the team at WIZZ in Paris: “In their first collaboration with Tencent/Riotgames for the mythical game League of Legends, CRCR have conceived and directed a cinematic trailer that is equal parts epic and emotional. [Read more]

Stash 149 Preview Trailer | STASH MAGAZINE

Stay Inspired: Preview All the Motion Magic in Stash 149

Here’s your chance to head into Fall fully inspired! Grab a peek at the trailer for Stash 149, a phenomenal collection of design, animation, and VFX work and the newest addition to the Stash Permanent Collection. [Read more]

PUBG "New State: The Fall of Troi" Game Trailer by Boddicker | STASH MAGAZINE

PUBG “New State: The Fall of Troi” Game Trailer by Boddicker

Paris prodco Eddy and their sibling animation studio Brunch unite under directing collective Boddicker to hone a trailer packed with vicious style and hardboiled characters for the new PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) video game. [Read more]

Saints Row Announce Trailer by Dana Dorian and Axis Animation | STASH MAGAZINE

Saints Row Announce Trailer by Dana Dorian and Axis Animation

Axis director Dana Dorian cranks the neon-tinged action dial to 11 in this snarky and rollicking trailer for the upcoming reboot of Saints Row, the action-adventure game developed by Volition and published by THQ and Deep Silver. [Read more]