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Tag Heuer, Google and Intel Now “Connected”

The tech world went in to a love/hate mini-frenzy today over the release of Tag Heuer’s $1,500 titanium Connected Watch developed with Google and Intel. This black on black fashion statement from Mill+ director Nicholas Weigel leaves no doubt about the ambitions Tag harbors for their luxury Android time-piece.

Director Nicholas Weigel: “The watch is an incredible piece of technology and a very inspiring piece of product design. The story and visuals were easy to bring together once you started to understand all that has gone into this product and brand.

“The project included a mix of visual languages that needed to work well together to create a bit of mystery and surrealism. We crafted in camera projects for our DP David Claessen to work with on set. We built elements of a black on black set to ground our character in a space.

“And we developed a custom language of graphic aberrations to help us move through our story. The footage was an incredible base with which to work, and Nate [Pence], our editor at Conspiracy, brought a level of intrigue and energy to the piece alongside the great track from Yessian.”

Watch the spot here.

Producer: Yogi Graham/Katherine St. Lawrence
Creative Director: Teresa Herd
Creatives: Caspian Michalowski, Dave Williams

Production Company: Mill+
Director: Nicholas Weigel
Executive Producer: Jared Yeater/Qadree Holmes
Producer: Kipp Christiansen
Director of Photography: David Claessen

VFX & Design: The Mill
Executive Producer: Jared Yeater
Shoot Supervisor: Randy McEntee
VFX Supervisor/Lead Compositor: Ryan Urban
2D Artist: Jonathan Freeman
3D Lead Artist: Jessica Soderstrom
Design Creative Director: Cameron Spencer
Designer/Animator: Matt Darnall
Designer/Animator: Joe Lawrence
Designer/Animator: Patrick Arrington

Editing Company: Conspiracy
Editor: Nate Pence
Producer: Joy Holbrook

Colour: The Mill
Executive Producer, Colour: Laurie Adrianopoli
Colour Producer: Samantha Letzler
Colourist: Luke Morrison
Colour Assist: Michael Pehanich

Music: Yessian
Music Producer: David Gold
Sound Mix: Another Country
Mixer: Erik Widmark