Google Life Unfolds An Origami Story WTBR State | STASH MAGAZINE

Google “Life Unfolds | An Origami Story” by WTBR and State

The challenge of humanizing Big Tech and grounding the benefits in an emotional story is conquered with charm and visual wit in this brand film for Google from the all-California team of State and Where The Buffalo Roam. [Read more]

Nicolo Bianchino Intro's Google Workspace Icons | STASH MAGAZINE

Nicolo Bianchino Intro’s Google Workspace Icons

Director/designer/illustrator/animator Nicolo Bianchino: “Google revealed a new set of refined icons for their launch of Google Workspace, unifying the set in a layered and intersecting design language.” [Read more]

Bee Grandinetti Loops "Browndages" for Google + International Small Business Week | STASH MAGAZINE

Bee Grandinetti Loops “Browndages” for Google and International Small Business Week

Hornet director Bee Grandinetti: “I was very lucky to receive the coolest brief from Google to create an animated loop to go along with this jingle by Black Thought to help promote Browndages – a small business making inclusive bandages. [Read more]

Google "Quantum AI" Brand Video by Art&Graft | STASH MAGAZINE

Google “Quantum AI” Brand Video by Art&Graft

Working thru agency Across the Pond, London’s Art&Graft wrangle new AI image simulation software to craft a painterly tour for Google and “inspire a future generation about the incredible potential of quantum computing.” [Read more]

Google "Password Manager" Explainer by Oddfellows | STASH MAGAZINE

Google “Password Manager” Explainer by Oddfellows

Clarifying complex ideas and translating them into relatable, engaging narratives is a timeless and universally important skill whether you are a general on a battlefield or a motion designer hunkered down in your dining room. [Read more]

Think with Google "Machine Learning Fairness" by The Furrow | STASH MAGAZINE

Think with Google “Machine Learning Fairness” by The Furrow

ECD Eric Lohman and the crew of animators and illustrators at The Furrow in Lexington, KY, partner with digital agency Grow to help Think With Google make an elegant and engaging case for “building fairness into your machine learning model.” [Read more]