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Animating Safe Sex in Sweden (Mature)

CG artist David Sandell at Depiction in Stockholm animates an ad for 1177 Vårdguiden thru Länge Leve [Read more]

Boom! Stash 113 Drops

Stash 113 inducts another 31 brilliant motion projects into the Stash Permanent Collection complete with behind-the-scenes features plus exclusive interviews with the animation, VFX and design talent behind the work. [Read more]

Artist: Mark GustafsonStudio: LAIKA/house Info from LAIKA/house: “These images are production and character designs for a stop motion-based campaign featuring Millennials hanging out in their favorite bar. Of course, these Millennials just happened to be exotic animals of the Serengeti… The bar itself was based on an African safari camp mashed up with a hint […] [Read more]

365 Days With The Brothers McLeod

Here’s the first two monthly installments from The Brothers McLeod film “365”, the ambitious project that has them creating one second of animation, per day, for 365 days. And by the end of 2013 the duo will have compiled an entire year in zany non-sequiturs. New installments will be posted on a monthly basis.
[Read more]