The White Stripes Let's Shake Hands Music Video by Wartella | STASH MAGAZINE

The White Stripes “Let’s Shake Hands” Music Video by Mike Wartella

Underground cartoonist/animator/director Mike Wartella and his Brooklyn studio Dream Factory Animation roll out the requisite hand-made, low tech techniques for a White Stripes song in this messy visual blast for “Let’s Shake Hands” from The White Stripes Greatest Hits released Dec. 2020. [Watch]

Third Man Books Were going to be friends | STASH MAGAZINE

Conan Remembers his Last Show with The White Stripes

Designed and animated by the Moth team in London, Conan’s wish to have The White Stripes perform on the final episode of Late Night with Conan O’Brien comes true in the most fabulous way. [Watch]

White Stripes City Lights | STASH MAGAZINE

Michel Gondry: The White Stripes “City Lights”

Michel Gondry’s fifth video for The White Stripes, called “City Lights,” reaffirms the director’s standing (IMO) as a fearless and generous story-teller whose connection to the creative well is both childlike and constant. [Watch]