TAVO Studio Creates an “OASIS” for Adobe Stock

Designer/director Tavo Ponce at TAVO Studio in Madrid, Spain: “Oasis is a manifesto in favor of the search for the balance between design and art.

“Adobe Spain challenged us to use its Adobe Stock resources gallery and we decided to take it further by creating an audiovisual piece that empathizes with the feelings of all designers, those who have the continuous struggle with their commercial commissions and don´t give up on fighting with their clients, to take those projects to their own world of self-realization.

“Where is the border between the client´s requests and your aspirations? In short, it is a difficult balance to achieve.”

Watch the process reel:

Client: Adobe Stock
Direction/animation/design: TAVO Studio
Designers: Tavo Ponce, Fernando Tendero
Music/sound design: Combustion