“Terrible, Thanks For Asking” Intro by Demo Duck

From Demo Duck: “The third and final animated podcast intro of 2018 is here! If you don’t know what Terrible Thanks For Asking is about, you’re about to find out (and maybe shed a few cathartic tears along the way.)

“With the design and motion of this sequence, we wanted to show how individual experiences can create warmth and human interaction – much like how Nora McInerny, the host, always connects with her guests using her immense capacity for empathy.”

Production: Demo Duck
Producers: Laura Irons, Theresa Brooks
Associate Creative Director: Kelsie Ozamiz
Script: Kelsie Ozamiz
Art direction: Rohan McDonald
Storyboards/design/animatic: Rohan McDonald
Animation: Martiniano García (Fú)
Music: Geoffrey Lamar Wilson
Voice/host: Nora McInerny