Vans “Custom Culture 2019” by Andy Baker

Hornet director Andy Baker teams up with Doug Cunningham and Jason Noto (aka Morning Breath, Inc.) in Brooklyn on a delirious promo for Van’s Custom Culture 2019.

From Hornet: “Vans had worked with Andy before, so they were familiar with his style and knew he’d be the perfect fit for a brand-direct relationship.

“They’d already nailed down Morning Breath as the illustrators. And they had the concept of a Custom Culture competition planned out—a global contest where anyone could submit original shoe designs, and the winning artwork would be produced by Vans and generate donation money for design-focused charities.

“Left to do was craft a story and promotional video that would highlight the journey of entering the competition in a clear and coherent yet totally fun and creative—way.”

Client: Vans

Production: Andy Baker Studio
Director: Andy Baker
Executive Producer: Lucia Davies
Design: Morning Breath, Inc.
Animators: Frankie Swan, Sean Weston, Campbell Hartley, Jamie Hobbs, Ned Mackness, Eloise Garlick
Compositors: Linus Kraemer, Andy Baker

Sound Design: Father

Music: “Cold Beats featuring Percee P” by Koushik & Percee P
“Struggle For Power” by Fred Card
“Son Of A Beach” by the Puke Bros

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