Vittel “Biodiversité” Campaign by Mikros MPC

French bottled water brand Vittel celebrates the natural diversity of their mountainous source region of Vosges with a set of three full CG spots by Mikros MPC in Paris starring a boxing bee, a dunking squirrel, and breakdancing ladybug.

Alexandre Sauthier, lead animator at Mikros MPC: “There are plenty of micro details on the animals that no one would notice at first sight but that contribute to the high level of credibility and photo-realism of these characters.

“We paid particular attention to the muscular systems. For the squirrel, we opted for a simplified muscular system and added some effects on its fat under the skin to ensure that it remains consistent with its actual weight.

“For the frog, we developed a complete muscular rig on its skeleton. But to make human expressions possible, we had to release some joints. This gave both greater range and amplitude on the movements and helped on the acting of these characters.

“But for the insects, there was no room for this freedom. The joints had to perfectly match reality. Still, we had to slightly distort some limbs. Our ladybird had to have legs strong enough to perform a breakdance!”

The spots were directed by Iconoclast director Vincent Lobelle thru Ogilvy Paris.

Agency: Ogilvy Paris
Presidents: Matthieu Elkaim, Emmanuel Ferry
Chief Creative Officer: Matthieu Elkaim
Creative Director: Alexis Benoit
Art Direction: Thomas Yve
Designer-Writer: Quentin Burette
Business Director: Thomas Crouzet
Head of Production: Julien Sanson
TV Producer: Aurélie Appert
Sound Producer: Johanne Kenniche
Director: Vincent Lobelle

Production: Mikros MPC
Executive Producer: Fabrice Damolini
VFX Producer: Nicolas Huguet
VFX Supervisor: Guillaume Ho
CG Supervisor: Guillaume Dadaglio
Lead Character: André Monteiro
Lead Environment: Vincent Coni
Lead Animation: Alexandre Sauthier
Lead Compositing: Sébastien Podsialdo
Animation: Marie Celaya, Ganael Chevallier, Cedric Jeanne, Alban Lelievre, Elodie Lenaerts, Lancelot Maestrini, Augustin Paliard, Alexandre Sauthier, Eleonore Saveri, Coline Tomala, Patrice Vila
Rigging/setup/muscles: Alexandre Sauthier, Marine Sisnaski
Texture/ Shading: Solala Amiri, Vincent Coni, Alexandre Corcoy, Guillaume Dadaglio, Guillaume Ho, Andre Monteiro, Dorian Mouty, Phelipo Zozor, Lancelot Maestrini
SFX: Jade Gachet, Benjamin Lenfant, David Roubah
Lighting / Compositing: Daniel Benjamin, Alexandre Corcoy, Guillaume Dadaglio, Guillaume Ho, Andre Monteiro, Dorian Mouty, Sébastien Podsiadlo, Daniel Benjamin
After Effects: Jeremy Wulf
Color Grading: Nicolas Guibert, Sebastien Mingam

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