Oh Yeah Wow_Frameless STASH MAGAZINE

Oh Yeah Wow: Hudson and Troop “Frameless”

And the Award for Best Performance by a Deaf Blue Monster in a Music Video goes to Oh Yeah Wow director Darcy Prendergast who spent three months learning the Auslan sign interpretation of the song’s lyrics then endured a 26-hour shoot on a scorching 40C-degree day after only an hour’s sleep. Co-directed by Andrew Goldsmith.

Check the shoot pix here.

Directed by Andrew Goldsmith & Darcy Prendergast
Made by Oh Yeah Wow: ohyeahwow.com
Facebook: facebook.com/ohyeahwow
Twitter: @ohyeahwow
Instagram: oh_yeah_wow
Producer: Nicky Pastore
Cinematographer: Shelley Farthing-Dawe
Prosthetic Makeup FX: Sharp FX sharpfx.com.au
Art Director: Christina Remnant
Art Department: Donna Yeatman, Mohini Herse & Paige Prendergast
Wardrobe: Paige Prendergast
Editors: Darcy Prendergast & Andrew Goldsmith
VFX: Andrew Goldsmith
Colourist: Roslyn Di Sisto
Monster Design: Darcy Prendergast & Sharp FX
Stills: Oli Sansom
Monster: Darcy Prendergast
Cook: Trav Aulsebrook
Boss: Charlie
AUSLAN Interpreter: Elizabeth Reed
AUSLAN Supervisor: Scarlette Baccini
Special Thanks: Mandy & Minh Ly – Nha Hang 5 Sao Restaurant, Springvale. Tom Fairman & Jess Langley at the Westgarth St House.

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