YETI V Series Brand Film by PROPER

Creative Director Chapman Bullock at design/animation studio PROPER in Austin, Texas: “Over the years YETI has positioned itself as one of the premier consumer goods companies in the world.

“Their high-end coolers, mugs, and bags are all considered to be the best money can buy. On top of that, they have crafted a very soulful brand that connects with the outdoor community.

“We were approached to create a teaser and product video for their latest product, the V Series cooler. In the past YETI has always relied on live-action to push its products, so they wanted to be careful moving into a CG-driven direction.

“The new cooler shares the same technology as their top-selling rambler mug and we wanted to somehow show that. Our gut reaction was to show the rambler deconstructing and then building the cooler from scratch.

“After a back and forth with the client, we felt a T2 inspired liquid metal build would tell the story in the most impactful way. After our detailed liquid metal build, we travel around calling out some of the features that make this the most high-end cooler on the market.”

Client: YETI
Production: PROPER
Creative Director: Chapman Bullock
Generalist: Lars Snelders
Agency Director: Paulie Dery