Ars Thanea Opera One browser launch film | STASH MAGAZINE

Ars Thanea Sings the Praises of Opera One Browser

ECD Peter Jaworowski and the crew at Ars Thanea in Warsaw help launch the latest version of the Opera Browser with this CG opus showcasing the UI’s modular design and innovative features including built-in ChatGPT. [Watch]

Best-of-Stash-2023-Game-Films | STASH MAGAZINE

Best of Stash 2023: Game Films!

The pressures of high-stakes marketing can often crush the chance for true creative experimentation in game trailers, but these six outstanding films prove that personality, passion, and playfulness are alive and well in the genre. [Watch]

Microsoft One Drive AppStore Video by NotReal | STASH MAGAZINE

NotReal Keep Their Heads in the Cloud for Microsoft’s OneDrive Film

CDs Milton Gonzalez and Valeria Moreiro lead the motion design crew at NotReal into their latest product film for Microsoft, an exuberant showcase for the features and benefits of the company’s OneDrive file hosting service. [Watch]

Best-of-Stash-2023-Brand-Films | STASH MAGAZINE

Best of Stash 2023: Brand Films!

Marketers continue to expand their use of brand films (produced primarily for online, social, and out of home viewing), taking advantage of the genre’s freedom of format and style and often blurring the line between art and message. [Watch]

OFFF Barcelona 2024 teaser by ManvsMachine | STASH MAGAZINE

ManvsMachine Teases OFFF Barcelona 2024 Campaign with LIFFFE/FFFORMS

The 2024 edition of the OFFF Barcelona design festival lands on April 4-6 but you can catch an early peek at the promo campaign with this teaser from the crew at ManvsMachine featuring a cast of whimsical life forms. [Watch]

YouTube Hit Pause animations by Device | STASH MAGAZINE

Device Hits Pause for YouTube

Barcelona animation studio Device deploys a light illustrative style to package a trio of animated messages for YouTube about Identifying truthful info on the web, tracing its sources, and sharing it responsibly. [Watch]

2veinte Otherside Legends of The Mara Trailer | STASH MAGAZINE

2veinte Trips to the Otherside With Legends of The Mara

The design and animation team at 2veinte in Buenos Aires drop a rampaging trailer for Otherside: Legends of the Mara, a collection-based 2D strategy game from Yuga Labs, creators of the infamous Bored Ape Yacht Club. [Watch]

Adidas Ozweego animation Bohdan Marii | STASH MAGAZINE

Bohdan Marii Jumps the Shark in Adidas Ozweego’s

Ukrainian 3D motion designer Bohdan Marii handles the design, animation and audio in this striking spec spot playfully hinting at the similarities between the Adidas Ozweego shoe and a certain toothy underwater predator. [Watch]

Final Frontier and Frame brand film for 3i | STASH MAGAZINE

Frame and Final Frontier Raise the Luxury Bar for Robotic Vacuums Everywhere

Working with prodco Final Frontier, the CG motion team at FRAME in Copenhagen shake up the staid category of robotic vacuums with this lux treatment for an upmarket model designed by Damian O’Sullivan for Chinese home technology brand 3i. [Watch]

PJ Richardson Unveals GAIA AI Art Film | STASH MAGAZINE

PJ Richardson Premiers “GAIA” AI Art Film

Laundry ECD/co-founder PJ Richardson takes a deep dive into AI art and animation in this visually opulent short film created for a digital art exhibition in Barcelona curated by OFFF founder Hector Ayuso. [Watch]

Nomo-Works-Alienware | STASH MAGAZINE

Nomo.Works Specs Out Two Spots for Alienware

Taking inspiration from Joseph Kosinski’s 2013 sci-fi film Oblivion, the team at Singapore CG studio Nomo.Works tunes up their design and motion skills with two spec spots built around Alienware products. [Watch]

Cloudera Trust your data Brand Film by BUCK | STASH MAGAZINE

BUCK and Cloudera Want You to “Trust Your Data”

The potentially dry details of enterprise AI integration take on a playful and engaging tone in this illustration-based brand film from the design and motion crew at BUCK for data management and analytics platform Cloudera. [Watch]

Coed Studios and Cronin Rebrand Connecticut | STASH MAGAZINE

Coed Studios and Cronin Lead the Charge to Rebrand Connecticut

Brooklyn boutique design and production company Coed Studios takes on the task of rebranding the state of Connecticut with this manifesto film, a thoroughly modern take on stop-motion animation produced thru CT agency Cronin. [Watch]

Audis Huang and Rubberneck Asus VU Series brand film | STASH MAGAZINE

Audis Huang Reveals the Beauty of Asus VU Series Monitors

Taipei-based director/designer Audis Huang, who dropped this delightful event open for Acer last year, returns for more CG wonder – this time for another Taiwanese electronics brand, ASUS and their new VU Series monitors. [Watch]

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