Fondation de France Spot by Margherita Premuroso and Jungler | STASH MAGAZINE

Margherita Premuroso and Jungler Illuminate the Connectivity of Causes for Fondation de France

Jungler EP Amandine Bruneau in Paris: “Margherita Premuroso is an Italian director and animator renowned for her work in 2D animation which is steeped in traditional painting techniques.” [Watch]

Super Dope Self Care Tips Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

Super Dope Has Your Self-Care Tips Right Here

In a welcome break from the overly earnest tone of most wellness messages, Portland animation studio Super Dope (whose character talents are on full display here and here) takes a lighter approach to self-improvement in these six clips. [Watch]

HOKA Murmuation commercial Mathematic Anomaly | STASH MAGAZINE

Mathematic Conjures a “Murmuration” of Athletes for HOKA

Director Leigh Powis and the VFX crew at Mathematic in Paris ensure sportswear company HOKA lives up to its name (derived from the Māori for “fly over the earth”) in this dizzying airborne adventure thru Anomaly. [Watch]

Sports Reprocessed short film Steelworks Nidia Dias | STASH MAGAZINE

Steelworks Reprocess Sports in New CG Experiment

Inspired by recent clients and projects, the team at Steelworks challenges themselves with an in-house animation project they describe as “a fresh take on movement through something that weaves us all together: sports.” [Watch]

2023 AICP Awards Branding Flavor | STASH MAGAZINE

2023 AICP Awards Branding Blossoms With Flora by Flavor

ECD Brian McCauley and the design and motion team at Flavor employ the concept of “nature as canvas” to visually unite the 2023 AICP Show, AICP Next Awards, and AICP Post Awards for The Association of Independent Commercial Producers. [Watch]

2023 Promax Awards Shows opening Elevation | STASH MAGAZINE

Elevation Opens 2023 Promax Awards Shows

Led by executive creative director Stephen Cocks, a compact design and motion team at Elevation in Atlanta crafts a sprawling design system to brand all five 2023 conferences and award shows for Promax. [Watch]

He-Man Earns His Vacation in Spec Orbitz Spot by George Moise | STASH MAGAZINE

He-Man Earns His Vacation in Spec Orbitz Spot by George Moïse

The best spec and portfolio-building projects experiment with creative and production angles the actual brand is unlikely to explore. And that is exactly what LA director/3D artist George Moïse pushes to the limit in this bit of CG insanity. [Watch]

4-H Brand Film by ROOF Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

ROOF Studio Digs Into Details of Character and Narrative in 4-H Brand Film

Working with the message “Making a difference is something you never outgrow”, directors Lucas Camargo, Guto Terni, and the detail-obsessed CG animation crew at ROOF craft a heartfelt story for US non-profit youth program 4-H. [Watch]

La Liga Brand Film by Budatv | STASH MAGAZINE Captures the Energy of Ibero-American Animation in New Film for La Liga

Originally commissioned by La Liga de la Animación Iberoamericana for a 10-second logo loop, CDs Martin Dasnoy and Dalmiro Buigues at in Buenos Aires got carried away and ended up with a full minute of frenzied cartoon action. [Watch]

Imaginary Forces Teases Avatar The Last Airbender Series for Netflix | STASH MAGAZINE

Imaginary Forces Teases “Avatar: The Last Airbender” Series for Netflix

With a nod to the original 2005 Nickelodeon animated series, Imaginary Forces CDs Anthony Gibbs and Tosh Kodama hint at the drama and conflict underlying the new Netflix live-action version of Avatar: The Last Airbender. [Watch]

Secret-Invasion-Titles-Method | STASH-MAGAZINE

AI-Generated Titles for Marvel’s “Secret Invasion” Series Unleashes Backlash

The debate about the use of AI in the film and motion industry just reached its first official boiling point with headlines on multiple continents and a wave of anger on social media over the titles of Marvel’s Secret Invasion series. [Watch]

Markos Kay Celebrates Summer Solstice With New “Midsummer’s Day” Short Film

London director/artist and AI advocate Markos Kay, who recently dropped this standout short film, marks the northern hemisphere’s maximum tilt toward the sun with a new experiment he describes as, “An ode to the sweet dreaminess of summer.” [Watch]

Bungie Marathon Announcement Trailer Antibody | STASH MAGAZINE

Antibody Step It Up for Marathon Announcement Trailer

Hot on the heels of their gritty and brooding titles for Silo on Apple TV+, Antibody directors Patrick Clair and Raoul Marks dial up the style and pace in this polished action sequence for the reboot of Bungie’s sci-fi shooter Marathon. [Watch]

Motion-North-design event July-12-2023 | STASH MAGAZINE

Niceshit and Dada Projects Headline Motion North Meet Up in Manchester

Motion North is the Manchester-based group of motion designers, animators, filmmakers, and VFX artists who get together every quarter to hear from outstanding industry speakers and share their love of making things move. [Watch]