Poland Unconquered: Trying Times by Tengent and Juice | STASH MAGAZINE

“The Unconquered: Trying Times” Historical Short Film

Combining forces for a prequel to the 2017 historical epic “The Unconquered,” Polish studios Tengent and Juice employ a dramatic game-cinematic aesthetic to recount a rousing chapter in their country’s evolution. [Read more]

The Plant Shoe Native Shoes Image Engine VFX | STASH MAGAZINE

Native Shoes “The Plant Shoe” by Image Engine VFX

VFX specialists Image Engine take time out from their slate of feature film and TV series work to craft this full-CG promo for a 100% plant-based shoe made by their fellow Vancouverites at Native Shoes. [Read more]

Uber "Airborne" brand film by Bipolar | STASH MAGAZINE

Your Uber “Airborne” is on the Way

One of the most elegant and ambitious CG product films you’ll see this year, “Airbourne” is the centerpiece in an integrated campaign for Uber Air (the company’s proposed aerial ride-sharing service) from Bipolar Studio in Los Angeles. [Read more]

Siblings short film by Fabrice Le Nezet | STASH MAGAZINE

“Siblings” Kinetic Sculptures by Fabrice Le Nézet

While working on sketches for an upcoming sculpture exhibition, London director and visual artist Fabrice Le Nézet imagined the metal constructions coming to life and decided to make a short CG film exploring the idea of “function without functionality.” [Read more]

Simpsons Couch gag Russian Art Film Version by Lazy Square | STASH MAGAZINE

The Darkest Simpson’s Couch Gag. Ever.

Lenivko Kvadratjić (aka Lazy Square) built a cult following with his neo-dystopian animated shorts about Russian life but his latest, an art-film interpretation of The Simpsons’ opening, should find him a wider audience (and under increased surveillance). [Read more]

How to Make Sushi by Jonathan Lindgren | STASH MAGAZINE

“How to Make Sushi” by Jonathan Lindgren

Drawing inspiration from his love of Japanese animation, manga, and the Isle of Dogs, London 3D designer and animator Jonathan Lindgren creates a fun and stylized seven-step guide to making sushi. [Read more]

Time for a “Fruitless” Celebration of Summer

The Yeti crew in Athens took a break from the flow of commercial projects to work out some whimsical summer-flavored motion ideas in a vibrant in-house film they call “Fruitless.” [Read more]

Causims CG short film by Toberg | STASH MAGAZINE

“Causims” Simulated Microcosmic Nature Documentary

London 3D visual artist and animator Toby Auberg (aka Toberg) takes us deep into a mock nature documentary he describes as “an impossible microcosm generated out of simulated nature completely departed from reality.” [Read more]