Vincent Gibaud Jungler Nivea Shadow Jumper | STASH MAGAZINE

Vincent Gibaud and Jungler Tell the Story of “Shadow Jumper” for Nivea

Paris-based Jungler director Vincent Gibaud turns his talent for rendering powerful narratives in expressive 2D animation to a tender tale of a child’s tender skin in this film for German body care brand Nivea. [Watch]

TotallyMoney You’ll Totally Get There Lobo | STASH MAGAZINE

Totally Nailing the Look for TotallyMoney

Director Mateus de Paula Santos walks Stash fans thru how he and the LOBO/Ground Control animation crew achieved the painterly 3D/2D treatment in this new spot for UK financial institution TotallyMoney. [Watch]

Diptyque DO SON Brand Film Werlen Meyer animation | STASH MAGAZINE

Diptyque “DO SON” Brand Film by Werlen Meyer

Building on a track by English musician/producer James Blake, directors Gwenn Germain and Valentin Adiba at French animation studio Werlen Meyer build a hand-drawn fantasy world for the luxury brand Diptyque. [Watch]

The Woodland Trust Plant More Trees Em Cole 1stAveMachine | STASH MAGAZINE

The Woodland Trust “Plant More Trees” Campaign Film by Em Cole and 1stAveMachine

Director/photographer/artist Em Cole at 1stAveMachine in the UK turns a sharp script from agency Creature London into a gently pointed message about the vital role trees play in the fight against climate change. [Watch] | STASH MAGAZINE

People Can Fly Brand Films x 3 by Abra.Network

Warsaw motion studio just released the latest in a series of head-turning CG promo films commissioned by Polish game developer People Can Fly to mark their 20th anniversary. [Watch]

Redbull Uncredited Post Office Studios | STASH MAGAZINE

Redbull “(Un)credited” Animated Documentary Sequence by Post Office Studios

Director Shradha Verma and Post Office Studios in Mumbai, India, channel a child’s drawing style to reveal the remarkable journey of an African street dance pioneer as part of Redbull’s “(Un)credited” documentary. [Watch]

Paul Trillo ArtClass Use AI GoFundMe Help Changes Everything | STASH MAGAZINE

Paul Trillo and ArtClass Use AI to Thank GoFundMe Donors

ArtClass director Paul Trillo combines AI, live-action footage, and digital motion design tools into a striking new GoFundMe campaign designed to thank donors and let them know their contributions change lives for the better. [Watch]

Apple Watch Ultra Call To The Wild Optical Arts | STASH MAGAZINE

Optical Arts Answers the “Call To The Wild” for Apple Watch Ultra

Using both in-camera and digital visual effects, the crew at London’s Optical Arts craft an ominous launch film for the rugged new Apple Watch Ultra. [Watch]

Nike Bunny Run Giant Ant | STASH MAGAZINE

Giant Ant Takes Off on a “Bunny Run” for Nike

The Giant Ant crew joins Nike to celebrate the Lunar New Year with a taste of animated fun and fantasy in this wide-eyed story featuring Chinese sprinting star Su Bingtian. [Watch]

The Celso Daniel Case Titles Diego Coutinho Hi-Lo | STASH MAGAZINE

“The Celso Daniel Case” Documentary Titles by Diego Coutinho and Hi-Lo

Director Diego Coutinho at Hi-Lo animation/motion design studio in LA experiments with dried blood as a way to add drama and an element of unpredictability to these crime documentary opening titles. [Watch]

New First Full Last Short Film Bran Dougherty-Johnson | STASH MAGAZINE

“New First Full Last” Short Film by Bran Dougherty-Johnson

Inspired by lunar cycles and their effect on tides, veteran motion designer/illustrator Bran Dougherty-Johnson conjures a minimalist and meditative short film from his studio on Shelter Island, NY. [Watch]

Procedural-Light-Short-Film-by-Make | STASH MAGAZINE

Make Explores “Procedural Light” in New Short Film

Director Danny Robashkin at Make in Minneapolis: “Procedural Light is an in-depth exploration of the sculptural quality of light, in the materials that generate, capture or reflect light and the unique gestures they create.” [Watch]

UoU Studio Vivo Xiaomi videos | STASH MAGAZINE

UoU Studio Elevates the CG Phone Wars With Director’s Cuts

As the CG smartphone wars continue to produce a flood of clone-like videos, the team at UoU Studio in Shanghai sets out to nudge the genre’s potential with director’s cuts of two recent spots for the Xiaomi M3 and Vivo X Fold+. [Watch]

Solium Infernum Trailer Sava Zivkovic Hydra Studios | STASH MAGAZINE

Sava Zivkovic and Hydra Studios Launch Solium Infernum for League of Geeks

Director/animator Sava Zivkovic, whose talents for sci-fi storytelling we’ve followed for a while, walks Stash fans thru the creation of his launch trailer for the political strategy game Solium Infernum. [Watch]