Bitis Hunter Street x Viet Max FutureDeluxe

Bitis Hunter “Street x Viet Max” by FutureDeluxe

Director Raj Davsi and the CG masters at FutureDeluxe mark the launch of Vietnamese sneaker brand Bitis Hunter’s latest release – a collaboration with rapper/renaissance man Viet Max – in this sultry mix of dance and digital. [Read more]

François X A Scream into the Future Anne Raffin Les Monstres | STASH MAGAZINE

François X “A Scream into the Future” Music Video by Anne Raffin and Les Monstres

Best known for her animated feature background work, Paris-based artist Anne Raffin leaps into the director’s chair with this dystopian vision for French DJ and musician François X with Les Monstres studio handling production. [Read more]

"Contretemps" GOBELINS 2021 Graduation Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

“Contretemps” GOBELINS 2021 Graduation Short Film

A young woman with crippling OCD confronts her worst fears head-on to save the day for her sister in this intimate, composed, and surprisingly emotional short film from five animation students at GOBELINS in Paris. [Read more]

Magic Cube Design Conference B-O-D Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

2021 Magic Cube Design Conference Opening by B-O-D Studio

Beijing’s B-O-D Studio, whose animation talents range from anime action to sleek 3D design, shows off an additional flurry of styles in this new work for a conference staged by Chinese design platform ZCOOL. [Read more]

NABS This Job Will Break You Tantrum Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

NABS Canada “This Job Will Break You” by Edward Andrews and Tantrum Studio

The late-night stress of an overworked agency creative takes on new dimensions with the full-on hallucination of a triple-threat cracker named Crumbles – courtesy of Skin and Bones director Edward Andrews and Tantrum Studio in Toronto. [Read more]

Hip Hop Public Health Lil Sugar Zombie Studios | STASH MAGAZINE

Hip Hop Public Health “Lil Sugar” by Zombie Studios

Fueled by a track from rapper and Run-DMC co-founder Darryl McDaniels, this ambitious spot/music video by director Paulo Garcia and Zombie Studios in São Paulo helps raise awareness of the dietary dangers of sugar for non-profit Hip Hop Public Health. [Read more]

Maggie Dave Old You Cassie Shao | STASH MAGAZINE

Maggie Dave “Old You” Music Video by Cassie Shao

Inspired by a dream, director/animator Cassie Shao mixes animation and live-action with paper cut-outs and 3D elements to conjure this whimsical and disorienting musical adventure for Los Angeles duo Maggie Dave. [Read more]

Ekipa Na Zajawce Music Video Rafał Blecharz Studio Pigeon | STASH MAGAZINE

Ekipa “Na Zajawce” Music Video by Rafał Blecharz and Studio Pigeon

Polish pop band and YouTube stars Ekipa and their dinosaur doppelgangers are launched on a post-apocalypse romp in this animated frenzy by director Rafał Blecharz and Studio Pigeon in Kraków, Poland. [Read more]