Vladislav-Solovjov-Purity-Short-Film | STASH MAGAZINE

Vladislav Solovjov Finds “Purity” in New Short Film

Starting with a single line, London-based creative director Vladislav Solovjov builds his latest personal CG exploration Purity into a complex series of shifting and lyrical and compositions. [Watch]

Jacob Collier Never Gonna Be Alone Music Video Bare Golly Films | STASH MAGAZINE

Jacob Collier “Never Gonna Be Alone” Music Video by Bare Golly Films

Directing duo Shan Christopher Ogilvie and Ewa Smyk (aka Bare Golly Films) gather a remote team of artists to paint 1,200 watercolors and fuse them into a gently fluid music video for multiple Grammy-winner Jacob Collier. [Watch]

Lush Lord of Misrule Feral Child | STASH MAGAZINE

Feral Child Intro The Lord of Misrule for Lush

Feral Child directors Nella Addy and Rogan vd Berg follow up last year’s Lush Snow Ferry film with a complimentary piece of fantasy adventure featuring The Lord of Misrule, a creative renegade inspired by David Bowie and Mick Jagger. [Watch]

WWF-A-Flammable-Planet--by-NOMINT | STASH MAGAZINE

Stop-Motion Fire Engulfs “A Flammable Planet” for WWF

NOMINT follows up their 2021 WWF stop-motion ice spot with an even more improbable go with fire in this global campaign designed to raise awareness about the danger of wildfires caused by climate change. [Watch]


Panoply Slip Backwards into “DERE∀LISATION” Short Film

In their latest in-house CG study, the design and animation crew at Panoply in London investigate the psychological condition known as derealization, which involves feelings of detachment from one’s self and surroundings. [Watch]

Flowless CG short films Alex Maltsev | STASH MAGAZINE

Alex Maltsev Reflects on Refraction in “Flowless” CG Experiments

In his two-part Flowless series of short CG films, Florida-based director/animator Alex Maltsev takes a meditative look at “the collision of surface and light as it changes angle and speed.” [Watch]

NotReal Shows Off Microsoft Designer with Sweet Sizzle Reel

From the team at NotReal: “Our mission was to show how the Microsoft Designer app works in a fun and easy way, looking for the right balance between a realistic product UX and the emotional thrill to engage users.” [Watch]

Sad Night Dynamite VOL II Lucas Hrubizna | STASH MAGAZINE

Sad Night Dynamite VOL II Visual Mixtape by Lucas Hrubizna

UK duo Sad Night Dynamite (aka Josh Greacen and Archie Blagden), who Equate Magazine described as “The Blair Witch Project meets Gorillaz”, team with Canadian director/VFX artist Lucas Hrubizna for a riveting and unrelenting nightmare. [Watch]

Revenant Ident | STASH MAGAZINE

Revenant Marks First Year With Dramatic CG Ident

Kevin McCrae, CD/founder at Revenant in Glasgow: “To celebrate our one-year anniversary as the rebranded Revenant, it was time to capture the growth and movement the studio has enjoyed under our new moniker.” [Watch]

LG-Wonderbox-Showcase-2022 | STASH MAGAZINE

Students! Get Ready for LG’s Wonderbox Showcase

LG Electronics has committed to boosting the careers of animation students in dramatic fashion with its first annual Wonderbox Showcase, a 3D animation competition for post-secondary students across the US. [Watch]

The Spark Short Film by ZEESHEE | STASH MAGAZINE

Artem Shcherbakov and Otar Berov Find “The Spark” in New Short Film

Directors Artem Shcherbakov and Otar Berov rally an international crew of artists and animators to rescue a failed commercial pitch and transform it into a genre-hopping tale of standing up to your greatest fears. [Watch]

Erwin van den IJssel 2022 BLEND Festival | STASH MAGAZINE

Erwin van den IJssel Opens 2022 BLEND Festival

Following his lock-down-inspired 2020 BLEND titles, Dutch director/animator Erwin van den IJssel returns to open the 2022 festival with both analog and digital art “that ultimately blend into something new.” [Watch]

The Beatles Im Only Sleeping Music Video Em Cooper | STASH MAGAZINE

The Beatles “I’m Only Sleeping” Music Video by Em Cooper

Emmy-nominated British director/artist Em Cooper hand-animates oil paint into a surreal exploration of the space between dreaming and wakefulness for the Special Edition release of The Beatles’ “I’m Only Sleeping”. [Watch]

Evenveil Short Film Sam Balcomb Rainfall Films | STASH MAGAZINE

“Evenveil” Short Film by Sam Balcomb and Rainfall Films

If you’re wondering just how far VFX production values can be pushed on low-budget passion projects then the three-man crew at LA’s Rainfall Films might just have your answer in their new nine-minute short film “Evenveil”. [Watch]