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Tide short film by Panoply | STASH MAGAZINE

Watch Panoply’s Hypnotic CG Short Film “Tide”

Mark Lindner, director at Panoply in London: “Through hypnotically crafted anthesis, Tide is an ever-evolving composition that challenges us to visually retain the present moment, while simultaneously creating anticipation for the next. [Read more]

Leifur James Wurlitzer Music Video by Balázs Simon | STASH MAGAZINE

Leifur James “Wurlitzer” Music Video by Balázs Simon

Hungarian director Balázs Simon fuses a variety of animation techniques (including 3D, 2D, and hand-rendered) into a surreal and cinematic music video for “Wurlitzer” by London multi-instrumentalist Leifur James. [Read more]

SBS Korean election promo by BICTURE | STASH MAGAZINE

SBS “The World in the Ballot Box” by BICTURE

Seoul branding and motion studio BICTURE adds a fresh spin to local election coverage on South Korea’s SBS network by constructing light-hearted geometric interpretations of cities across the country. [Read more]

See Animals by Scott Wenner motion504 | STASH MAGAZINE

“See Animals” for Earth Day 2019

Scott Wenner, CD at motion504 in Minneapolis, marks Earth Day 2019 with a quiet animated short to both celebrate wild animals and imagine their possible dark future. [Read more]

Lil Dicky "Earth" music video by 3dar | STASH MAGAZINE

Lil Dicky “Earth” Music Video by 3dar and Ryot

Directors Nigel Tierney and Federico Heller rally a feature film-sized crew at Buenos Aires studio 3dar to create the most ambitious and star-studded animated music video you may ever witness. [Read more]

Twin Islands animated short film by Supinfocom students | STASH MAGAZINE

The Tyranny of Symmetry: “Twin Islands” Animated Short

The latest in a long line of remarkable films created by students at French digital animation school Supinfocom, “Twin Islands” tells the tale of sister kingdoms where every facet of life must submit to the tyranny of symmetry. [Read more]

Cai Xukun No Exception music video by VCRWORKS | STASH MAGAZINE

Cai Xukun “No Exception” Music Video by VCRWORKS

Melancholy is not a feeling I associate with pop music but this video for Chinese singer/songwriter Cai Xukun, powered by meditative animation from VCRWORKS in Seoul, takes us deep into sorrow and pulls off an unlikely emotional coup along the way. [Read more]

Alessandro Parisi Hesperius Draco by Richard Lord | STASH MAGAZINE

“Hesperius Draco” Music Video by Richard Lord

One of the most delightfully strange music videos we’ve seen in a decade, “Hesperius Draco” was crafted by Seattle CG artist and director Richard Lord for Brussell’s based musician Alessandro Parisi.
[Read more]