"Super Mecha Champions" Game Trailer by Chiu and Somei | STASH MAGAZINE

“Super Mecha Champions” Game Trailer by Chiu and Somei

Two of China’s rising CG talents, Somei Sun and Chiu Ho, combine talents to create action on a grand scale with extraordinary attention to detail in this trailer for NetEase Games’ action shooter Super Mecha Champions. [Read more]

Oasis "Assaut Fruité" Spot (Director’s Cut) by Illogic Studios | STASH MAGAZINE

Oasis “Assaut Fruité” Spot (Director’s Cut) by Illogic

Oscar-nominated French directing collective Illogic leverages their many talents to elevate this spot for a non-carbonated soft drink above the fray with careful blocking, snappy pacing, and fabulous character work. [Read more]

"Blade Runner: Black Lotus" Anime TV Series Titles by John Likens | STASH MAGAZINE

“Blade Runner: Black Lotus” Anime TV Series Titles by John Likens

Director/animator John Likens at Method Studios in New York: “In 2020, when the pandemic hit hard and sent every VFX and design company scrambling to find solutions for working remotely, I got a call from Alcon Entertainment to pitch on a Blade Runner project.” [Read more]

"Irradiation" Short Film by Sava Zivkovic | STASH MAGAZINE

“Irradiation” Short Film by Sava Zivkovic

After 13 years of working in traditional 3D animation, Serbian director Sava Zivkovic explores the real-time motion and lighting possibilities of Unreal Engine in his latest personal project, a dark psychological trip called “Irradiation”. [Read more]

Re:wild "What is a Ranger?" Brand Film by Fernao Spadotto | STASH MAGAZINE

Re:wild “What is a Ranger?” Brand Film by Fernao Spadotto

Fueled by a VO from actor/filmmaker Edward Norton, this film for Texas-based biodiversity charity Re:wild keeps the subject of wildlife rangers engaging by leveraging the collage skills of Brazilian motion designer Fernao Spadotto. [Read more]

Jif "The Return" by Dave Meyers, Motif, and JAMM | STASH MAGAZINE

Jif “The Return” by Dave Meyers with JAMM and Motif Studios

Culver City studio JAMM and Motif Studios in Cape Town, South Africa, deliver the respective VFX and animation exclamation points for Radical Media director Dave Meyers’ ode to the inspirational powers of Jif peanut butter. [Read more]

Barbra Streisand “Be Aware” Music Video by Elyse Kelly

Director Elyse Kelly brings a thoughtful approach and painterly touch to Barbra Streisand’s “Be Aware”, a song written and recorded in the 1970s to address homelessness and hunger and the first track on a new album of previously unreleased material. [Read more]

Battlefield 2042 "Exodus" Short Film by Åkerström Kryler and Important Looking Pirates | STASH MAGAZINE

Battlefield 2042 “Exodus” Short Film by Åkerström Kryler and Important Looking Pirates

Important Looking Pirates, the Stockholm VFX crew who count credits on The Mandalorian, Westworld, and Watchmen, recently dropped their first cinematic for the game industry, an insanely ambitious nine-minute epic for Battlefield 2042. [Read more]