Eahwee "Shame ft. Melanin 9" Music Video by Ruffmercy | STASH MAGAZINE

Eahwee “Shame ft. Melanin 9” Music Video by Ruffmercy

Director/animator Russ Murphy in London: “Early this year London producer Eahwee asked me if I’d be up for making a video for “Shame” off the upcoming Solitude EP. I loved the rawness of the track and saw it as a chance to try out an idea I recently had but not yet executed.” [Read more]

Mezamé Brand Film by José Teixeira and AIM Creative Studios | STASH MAGAZINE

Mezamé Brand Film by José Teixeira and AIM Creative Studios

This intricate and fluid film crafted by director José Teixeira and the crew at AIM Creative Studios in Lisbon, escorts us gently into the world of Mezamé, a non-traditional psychological therapy practice. [Read more]

"Meet Gympass" Explainer by Buda (Directors Cut) | STASH MAGAZINE

“Meet Gympass” Explainer by Buda (Directors Cut)

The most reliable way to perk up just about any explainer video is to populate it with smile-inducing characters – exactly the route Buenos Aires studio Buda chose in this film for corporate wellness app Gympass. [Read more]

Applied Materials “We Work Here” Brand Film by Midnight Sherpa | STASH MAGAZINE

Midnight Sherpa Deep Dives Into the Nanosphere for Applied Materials

How do you turn an exposition-heavy and obsessively accurate three-minute depiction of atomic-level chip engineering into a visual adventure? LA studio Midnight Sherpa and agency Bruce Silverstein & Associates have a few ideas. [Read more]

"Aware! Meisaku Kun" Broadcast Promo by Takashi Ohashi | STASH MAGAZINE

“Aware! Meisaku Kun” Broadcast Promo by Takashi Ohashi

New work from Japanese director/designer Takashi Ohashi is always a treat and this promo for the sixth season of popular kid’s anime series Aware! Meisaku Kun proves why – while continuing his quest for stylistic unpredictability. [Read more]

Porsche Taycan "Electricity" by Bipolar Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

Porsche Taycan “Electricity” by Bipolar Studio

Bipolar Studio, the LA team who first caught our eye with a serene glimpse at the airborne future of Uber, cranks up the voltage in this new work to reveal the future of Porsche – the all-electric Taycan. [Read more]

Giant Ant Unleashes the Legends of Ninja and TimTheTatMan for Twitch | STASH MAGAZINE

Giant Ant Unleash the Legends of Ninja, Pokimane, and TimTheTatMan for Twitch

The backstories of online gaming superstars Ninja (Richard Tyler Blevins), Pokimane (Imane Anys), and TimTheTatMan (Timothy John Betar) come to rampaging life in the skilled hands of Giant Ant for live streaming platform Twitch. [Read more]

International Animal Rescue "Break The Cage" by Northforge | STASH MAGAZINE

International Animal Rescue “Break The Cage” by Northforge

UK directing duo Jim and Matt at Leeds animation studio Northforge merge 3D and 2D techniques to bring the plight of Armenian brown bears to the world’s attention for conservation non-profit International Animal Rescue. [Read more]