The Extravagants Zero into Nine Music Video by Little Fluffy Clouds | STASH MAGAZINE

The Extravagants “Zero into Nine” Music Video by Little Fluffy Clouds

Indie pop band The Extravagants (aka Laura Milligan and Mike King) engage Bay Area animation studio Little Fluffy Clouds to create a mystical “modern-day dreamscape” for their new track “Zero into Nine”. [Read more]

Russian Animators Unite Against War in Ukraine | STASH MAGAZINE

Russian Animators Unite Against War with “HET BOЙHE” Compilations

To protest Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, more than 100 Russian artists, animators, musicians, and sound designers are teaming up to release a series of animated short films that repeat the cry “HET BOЙHE” (No War). [Read more]

Louis Poulsen VL Studio and Panthella Product Films by Frame | STASH MAGAZINE

Louis Poulsen 2022 Product Films by Frame

Master CG stylists Frame in Copenhagen continue their long-term collaboration with Danish lighting design company Louis Poulsen with two new films, part of a series designed to unveil the brand’s 2022 Collection.⁠ [Read more]

Rosemary-Health-Rosemary-Feels-Better-Cirkus | STASH MAGAZINE

Rosemary Health “Rosemary Feels Better” by Cirkus

This impossible-to-ignore new CG character spot by Auckland animation house Cirkus thru agency Milk + Honey United takes a poke at the status quo healthcare system for Australian virtual care provider Rosemary Health. [Read more]

Stories to be Remembered Short Film Animagic | STASH MAGAZINE

“Stories to be Remembered” Short Film by Animagic

Self-promotional videos can be a slippery slope for motion studios, often sliding into over-earnest or over-confident manifestos but Animagic strikes the right tone with this two-minute look at the importance of stories in human history. [Read more]

Distracted Short Film by Al Boardman | STASH MAGAZINE

“Distracted” Short Film by Al Boardman

Veteran UK director/designer/illustrator/animator Al Boardman mines his challenges with dyslexia and ADHD to craft a very personal and appropriately frenetic short film about the increasing “feelings of constant distraction that we all feel.” [Read more]

Louis Vuitton Les Extraits Collection Already Been Chewed | STASH MAGAZINE

Louis Vuitton “Les Extraits Collection” Brand Films by Already Been Chewed

The ingredients of five new Louis Vuitton perfumes and their bottle (designed by architect Frank Gehry) take on a dramatic presence in new CG work from Dallas creative shop Already Been Chewed. [Read more]

Giants Orchestra Brand Film Miles Hellyer | STASH MAGAZINE

Giants Orchestra Brand Film and Passion Project by Miles Hellyer

Designer Miles Hellyer in Sydney: “This brand film was created to explore the beautiful wooden forms crafted by the team at Giants Orchestra. The focus for this piece was simplicity – slowly revealing the objects to bring attention to the details of the form and texture of the Kauri wood.” [Read more]

HUXLEY Feature Main Trailer Sava Zivkovic | STASH MAGAZINE

“HUXLEY” Feature Main Trailer by Sava Zivkovic

Serbian director/animator Sava Zivkovic, whose outstanding short film Irradiation is featured in the Best of Stash 2021 collection, teams with concept designer Ben Mauro to bring Mauro’s HUXLEY graphic novel to the screen. [Read more]

Pinball Clemons Foundation The Game of Life by Yellow Lab FUSE Create | STASH MAGAZINE

Pinball Clemons Foundation “The Game of Life” by Yellow Lab and FUSE Create

The all-Toronto team of director/animator Andrew Embury at Yellow Lab and agency FUSE Create craft an animated and heartfelt hero video for the Pinball Clemons Foundation and how they use donations to help disadvantaged kids. [Read more]

Smith & Foulkes Spread Their Wings for South Western Railway

New work from Nexus directors Smith & Foulkes will always brighten your day and so it is with this breezy spot for the UK’s South Western Railway starring commuters Wesley Peck and Sandy C Gull thru agency St. Luke’s. [Read more]

Max-Cooper-Exotic-Contents-Music-video-Xander-Steenbrugge | STASH MAGAZINE

Max Cooper “Exotic Contents” Music video by Xander Steenbrugge

For his latest experiment merging music and visuals, producer/musician/artist Max Cooper teams with Belgian machine learning researcher and digital artist Xander Steenbrugge to turn the words of philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein into a spellbinding stream of motion art. [Read more]

Pixel Farm Twosday Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

Pixel Farm Marks 2/22/22 with “Twosday” Short Film

Pixel Farm studio in Minneapolis gives a shout out to the magic of multiple twos on Feb 2, 2022 (auspicious in both the Chinese calendar and numerology) with an in-house project built around a digital art gallery. [Read more]

Estee Lauder Craftmanship FILFURY The Mill | STASH MAGAZINE

Estée Lauder “Craftmanship” by FILFURY and The Mill

The Mill Design Studio and roster director FILFURY showcase the craftsmanship of Estée Lauder’s heavyweight, soft-close, eyeshadow packaging with “an array of rich, elegant, and textural, graphic design vignettes”. [Read more]