VanMoof "Ride The Future Together" by The Mill | STASH MAGAZINE

VanMoof “Ride The Future Together” with The Mill

VanMoof, the Dutch maker of bicycles and electric bicycles continues commissioning some of the coolest brand films on the planet with this latest one arriving courtesy of creative director Tom Dibb and The Mill team. [Read more]

Mailchimp "Big Change Starts Small" by Buck and Kin | STASH MAGAZINE

Mailchimp “Big Change Starts Small” by Buck and Kin

Buck follows up their standout Mailchimp “Anthem” spot with another blend of loose illustrative style and intriguing transitions for the Atlanta-based marketing platform’s new philanthropic initiative Big Change Starts Small. [Read more]

"The Moon's Not That Great" Short Film by Mathieu Libman | STASH MAGAZINE

“The Moon’s Not That Great” Short Film by Mathieu Libman

The stories of an astronaut, a film director, and a unicycling bear all intersect in “The Moon’s Not That Great”, Mathieu Libman’s soft-spoken short film about dashed expectations and interplanetary popularity. [Read more]

"SkyFill" Short Film for a World Turned Upside Down | STASH MAGAZINE

“SkyFill” Short Film for a World Turned Upside Down

Trapped in quarantine, the animation and design crew at Trinetix (an enterprise software company in Kyiv, Ukraine) wondered about “the planet’s biggest problems, and how can an individual have a positive influence on their surroundings” [Read more]

Stash 145 video preview video | STASH MAGAZINE

Stash 145 Drops Two Hours of Motion Mastery

Grab a peek at this two-minute cutdown of the new design, animation, and VFX work jammed into Stash 145, the latest must-see addition to the planet’s largest (and most inspiring) motion archive – aka the Stash Permanent Collection. [Read more]

"Heat" Short Film by Colors And The Kids | STASH MAGAZINE

“Heat” Short Film by Colors And The Kids

The latest 3D exploration from the team at C A T K in Berlin is a five-minute, data-driven opus of melting abstraction that “seeks the beauty and artistic potential in the algorithmic recreation of real-life occurrences.” [Read more]

Aldi "Hunger Monster" by Lisa Stickley | STASH MAGAZINE

Aldi “Hunger Monster” by Lisa Stickley

London designer/artist/illustrator Lisa Stickley personifies the growing problem of food poverty and the ruinous toll hunger takes on one in five children in the UK for an initiative by supermarket chain Aldi. [Read more]

David Zinn's Street Art Comes to Life in "Around the Block" | STASH MAGAZINE

David Zinn’s Street Art Comes to Life in “Around the Block”

Edinburgh filmmaker Jonnie Lewis and Ann Arbor, Michigan street artist David Zinn explore the nature of creativity in the mini-doc “Around the Block” with Scottish animation studio The 2D Workshop adding a lovely layer of whimsy. [Read more]