Cub Studio, the Brighton-based animation crew who infuse charm into subjects like how to make a proper cup of tea and Trumpian factoids, just released this short film about a prideful Red Triangle as he learns about diversity and inclusion.

Fraser Davidson and Cub Studio Cut Corners on New Short Film “Spike The Red Triangle”

Cub Studio, the Brighton-based animation crew who infuse charm into subjects like how to make a proper cup of tea and Trumpian factoids, just released this short film about a prideful Red Triangle learning about diversity and inclusion. [Watch]

Eggscape Eggstories by 3dar | STASH MAGAZINE

3dar’s Eggcellent New “Eggscape” Game Trailer

Director Federico Heller and the animation crew at 3dar (who brought us the epic insanity of this Lil Dicky video) just dropped a snappy piece of character comedy for their mixed reality game Eggscape. [Watch]

Illo Motion Design System for a Secret Client | STASH MAGAZINE

Illo Reveals Their Motion System for a Secret Client

Creative director Cristina Pasquale at Illo in Turin, Italy: “We crafted a unified motion language for a global technology leader (who we can’t reveal due to an NDA) with grid-based shapes, outlines, and animation rules to convey the complexity of their services. [Watch]

Stash 159 preview image | STASH MAGAZINE

Preview Stash 159 and Experience the New State of Motion

The next chapter in the history of motion design is here. Watch the two-minute trailer for Stash 159 and ID all the stellar design, animation, and VFX projects that are now part of the Stash Permanent Collection. [Watch]

Ruffmercy Elektron Analog Heat +FX launch film | STASH MAGAZINE

New Ruffmercy Film Roughs Up Elektron’s Analog Heat +FX Box

Few motion artists have a style as distinctive as Ruffmercy and in a time when design often feels homogenous, new work from the UK director/animator – such as this film for Swedish musical instrument developer Elektron – is a refreshing thing. [Watch]

Daft Punk Infinity Repeating Music Video Warren Fu Partizan | STASH MAGAZINE

Walking the Walk with Daft Punk in “Infinity Repeating” Music Video

Partizan Studio and director Warren Fu head up a flotilla of animation talent including Picnic Studio, H5, Light, Machine Molle, and Meat Dept for this grand exercise in walk cycles for “Infinity Repeating” off the 10th Anniversary Edition of Daft Punk’s landmark album Random Access Memories. [Watch]

Tenacious D Video Games Music Video | STASH MAGAZINE

Tenacious D Defends the Honor of Video Games

Director/writer Adam Paloian, best known for his SpongeBob SquarePants exploits, and animator/YouTuber Chris O’Neill leave few tropes unturned in this comic romp for Tenacious D (all rendered in Unreal Engine). [Watch]

Amazon Prime Video Design Process reel FutureDeluxe | STASH MAGAZINE

Peek into FutureDeluxe’s Design Development for Prime Video

From the team at FutureDeluxe: “Working in close partnership with the Global Brand team at Amazon, we crafted a new cinematic opener, reimagining the Prime Video experience in motion for a global audience of over 200 million people.” [Watch]

Hublot MP-13 launch film by Tendril | STASH MAGAZINE

Tendril Lights Up the MP-13 Launch for Hublot

Have we reached peak CG watch wars? Impossible to really tell of course but one thing we can state for certain: for sheer quantity and quality of commissioned output, Swiss luxury horologists Hublot are the current front runners. [Watch]

Motif Studios Gelato Roboto Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

Motif Studios Drops Rockin’ “Gelato Roboto” Short Film

Taking time off from their diet of television and film VFX work, the crew at Motif Studios in Cape Town dig in for a fun blast of character design and animation in this short film they call Gelato Roboto. [Watch]

Dove Cinthias Battle againstallodds Passion Pictures | STASH MAGAZINE

Againstallodds and Passion Pictures Stage “Cinthia’s Battle” for Dove

The narrative finesse of Passion Pictures’ directors againstallodds is on full display in this new animated spot thru agency LOLA MullenLowe for Dove highlighting the brand’s fight for more inclusive representation in gaming. [Watch]

Silo main titles Antibody Patrick Clair | STASH MAGAZINE

Deep Inside Apple’s “Silo” Main Titles With Antibody

Apple’s post-apocalyptic science fiction series Silo launched May 5 with this ominous sequence by the multi-Emmy-winning crew at Antibody coupled with a dark and dreamy score by composer Atli Örvarsson. [Watch]

Queen Charlotte Main Titles Studio AKA | STASH MAGAZINE | STASH MAGAZINE

Manddy Wyckens and Studio AKA Open “Queen Charlotte: a Bridgerton Story” for Shondaland

Studio AKA director Manddy Wyckens leverages her sharply graphic illustration style to set a tone of enigmatic elegance in the opening titles for Shondaland’s newest Netflix series Queen Charlotte: a Bridgerton Story. [Watch]

Ash Thorp Orion Trailer | STASH MAGAZINE

Ash Thorp and Friends Unveil the “Orion” Trailer

Designer/director Ash Thorpe offers a 90-second preview of his newest motion art project Orion, which he describes as “an intense glimpse into a story of sacrifice and violence explored through the lens of fantasy and myth.” [Watch]