• Triptych short film by Maslov Sergey | STASH MAGAZINE

    “Triptych” Short Film by Maslov Sergey

    Moscow CG artist Sergey Maslov melds his childhood passions for film, astrophysics, and classical art with visual inspiration from Magritte, Escher, Rembrandt, Lynch, and Kubrick into an expansive three-act hallucination. [Read more]

La Table short film by Eugene Boitsov | STASH MAGAZINE

Obsessed with Perfection, Tools, and “La Table”

Most of us in the design trade harbor obsessions of some flavor – say, your latest pet project, or muse, or regular software updates. That’s why I’m certain you’re going to appreciate Eugene Boitsov’s awesome animated short film called “La Table.” [Read more]

How Does Animation Work? by Tyler Pacana | STASH MAGAZINE

Answering the Question “How Does Animation Work?”

Animated explanations of animation tend to be either condescending or boring. Sheridan College student Tyler Pacana avoids both in this accomplished and entertaining film made with traditional, 2D-rigged, stop-motion, and CG techniques. [Read more]

Squarespace Make it real | STASH MAGAZINE

Squarespace Makes it Real for Brrch and Altrock

The latest work from ManvsMachine for Squarespace pushes the brand’s “Make it Real” campaign forward by highlighting two real-world customers: Brittany Asch of Brrch floral studio and Robin Grasby of furniture maker, Altrock. [Read more]

Five new ways to greet people (in times of COVID-19) | STASH MAGAZINE

Five New Ways to Greet People (in times of COVID-19)

A few weeks ago, the motion crew at Niceshit Studio in Barcelona set out to “shine a bit of light and joy for a moment while at the same time creating awareness” – we say mission accomplished. [Read more]

Sex Moves short film by Alex Bernas | STASH MAGAZINE

“Sex Moves” Short Film by Alex Bernas

LA-based Partizan Studio director Alex Bernas, whose commercial clients include Nike, Apple, Amazon, and Google, takes time off for a personal film exploring the fun (and ridiculous) side of sexual preferences. [Read more]

Minerals - Waiting to Be Found by Dan Hoopert | STASH MAGAZINE

Beautiful Minerals Waiting to Be Found

Designer/art director Dan Hoopert, who jumped onto the Stash radar in 2018 with this lovely CG product film, is back with an exquisite personal piece he calls “a short visual exploration into the world of undiscovered rocks and minerals.” [Read more]

dro:p short film by Tasuku Nakagawa | STASH MAGAZINE

Watch Tasuku Nakagawa’s Animated Short Film “dro:p”

While creating this poetic graduation film at university in Japan, Tasuku Nakagawa could not have known how perfectly his surreal and ambitious full-CG work would reflect the current COVID-19 crisis when released this month. [Read more]

Everything Is Going To Be OK short film Jon Dunleavy | STASH MAGAZINE

“Everything Is Going To Be OK” by Jon Dunleavy

After untold days of going slightly mad in confinement at home, this soft and abstract “cosmic meditation on the battle between positive and negative forces” by animation director and illustrator Jon Dunleavy seems like the right thing to watch. [Read more]