The Marathon | Santander Bank commercial | STASH MAGAZINE

Santander’s Piggy Returns in “The Marathon”

The CG creature crew at Framestore reteam with Rattling Stick director Daniel Kleinman and Arnold Worldwide to create the sophomore adventure for Santander’s porcine hero (watch the first Piggy epic here). [Read more]

Intel AI commercials by Aggressive | STASH MAGAZINE

Getting Aggressive About “Intel AI”

From directors Alex Topaller and Daniel Shapiro at Aggresive: “For ‘AI on Intel’ we told five real stories of Intel’s technology in action – from stopping poaching in Africa to powering the world’s first face-controlled wheelchair, in each film we combined tech-inspired CG with cinematic live-action.” [Read more]

The Box animated short film by Dušan Kastelic | STASH MAGAZINE

Thinking Outside “The Box” by Dusan Kastelic

Slovenian animator/illustrator Dusan Kastelic’ combines imagery from his own recurring nightmare with a story he’d penned for a comic book years earlier to create a 3D animated mini-masterpiece (and massive festival hit) called “The Box.” [Read more]

“While You Were Sleeping” by Charlie Stewart

Animator/designer Charlie Stewart in London chooses a soft palette, careful compositions, and measured pacing for his animated exploration of “the longevity and limitations of artificial intelligence, and the loneliness of deep space.” [Read more]

Emotional Art Gallery animated short film by Jesper Lindborg | STASH MAGAZINE

“Emotional Art Gallery” Combats Commuter Stress

Earlier this year, hundreds of digital billboards in Stockholm’s Metro were transformed into the Emotional Art Gallery, a real-time exhibition driven by the sentiment analysis of commuters’ social media. [Read more]

M52 animated short film by Yves Paradis | STASH MAGAZINE

“M52” Improvised Short Film by Yves Paradis

In 2017, Canadian animator/illustrator Yves Paradis asked himself “What if you made an improvised animated film one week at a time for one year starting only with a character pushing a big cube in the desert?” [Read more]

Adidas The Deal by Blinkink | STASH MAGAZINE

Nicos Livesey Reveals Conditions of “The Deal” for Adidas

Blinkink director Nicos Livesey trekked the planet to film soccer icons including Lionel Messi, Paul Pogba, and Vivenna Miedema, then created all of the striking animation for this Adidas campaign using stop-motion. [Read more]

FLAWED animated short by Serafima Serafimova | STASH MAGAZINE

Serafima Serafimova’s “Flawed” Short Film

London animator/sound designer Serafima Serafimova admits, “I’ve always had issues with the way I look. So, every time I pass even a vaguely reflective surface, I find myself sucking in my neck and tummy, tilting my head to a more flattering angle. [Read more]