"The Canadians" Invade the NBA | STASH MAGAZINE

“The Canadians” Invade the NBA

You don’t have to be a basketball fan (or a Canadian) to appreciate the spirited character work in this series of branded content films by Toronto studio Reactiv for the NBA, Sportsnet, and sponsor Tangerine Bank. [Read more]

Netflix "Untold Stories" Branding Package by Vucko | STASH MAGAZINE

Netflix “Untold Stories” Branding Package by Vucko

Toronto designer/director Andrew Vucko’s talent for stripped-down visual solutions ensures this show package for the Netflix series Untold Stories stays both upbeat and elegant. [Read more]

"Yuki 7" Series Trailer by Chromosphere | STASH MAGAZINE

“Yuki 7” Series Trailer by Chromosphere

After three years of internal development, Los Angeles visual and creative laboratory Chromosphere is about to drop a dashing three-episode animated mini-series starring super-spy Yuki 7, her talking cat, and a rocket-powered turtle man. [Read more]

"Lip Sync" Unreal Engine 5 Short Film by Han Yang | STASH MAGAZINE

“Lip Sync” Unreal Engine 5 Short Film by Han Yang

The latest real-time CG work from director Han Yang and Shape Shifters Creative in Vancouver uses Unreal Engine 5 and the cloud-streamed app MetaHuman Creator to craft a tense and intimate fantasy that suggests the future of video production is already here. [Read more]

Salvatore Ganacci "Fight Dirty" Music Video by GOONO and Truba Animation | STASH ANIMATION

Salvatore Ganacci “Fight Dirty” Music Video by GOONO and Truba Animation

The All-Sydney directing team of Tom Noakes, Will Goodfellow (from prodco GOONO) and Greg Sharp (from Truba Animation) conjure an anime adrenaline fest for Bosnian-Swedish DJ/producer Salvatore Ganacci. [Read more]

Adidas Football "Manchester United 2021/22 Away Kit" by Golden Wolf | STASH MAGAZINE

Adidas Football “Manchester United 2021/22 Away Kit” by Golden Wolf

Urged on by the words of English performance poet John Cooper Clarke, creative director Stefan Falconer and the crew at Golden Wolf layer up a barrage of collage for adidas and Manchester United through London agency Homeground. [Read more]

HBO "The White Lotus" Title Sequence by Plains of Yonder | STASH MAGAZINE

HBO “The White Lotus” Title Sequence by Plains of Yonder

Directors Katrina Crawford and Mark Bashore at Seattle studio Plains of Yonder team with Sydney illustrator Lezio Lopes to capture the eccentric spirit of HBO’s new social satire The White Lotus with a sequence of finely detailed wallpaper patterns. [Read more]

"Out Of Bounds" Short Film by Franz Impler | STASH MAGAZINE

“Out Of Bounds” Short Film by Franz Impler

While studying illustration at the Academy of Fine Arts in Leipzig Germany, Franz Impler taught himself 3D animation then went on to break every rule and convention of the genre in his wonderfully bizarre thesis project “Out Of Bounds”. [Read more]