Ulysse Nardin Vertical Odyssey Trilogie by I-reel | STASH MAGAZINE

Ulysse Nardin “Vertical Odyssey Trilogie” by I-réel

Paris studio I-réel specializes in spectacular visuals for luxury brands and those talents are on full display in this new trio of CG films for Swiss watchmakers Ulysse Nardin highlighting the Moonstruck, Freak X, and Freak S models. [Read more]

Maliboo Gerald Durrell My Family and Other Animals | STASH MAGAZINE

Maliboo Pays Tribute to Gerald Durrell’s Book “My Family and Other Animals”

Animation director/illustrator Maliboo in Barcelona: “For years I’ve been recommending or giving away Gerald Durrell’s book “My Family and Other Animals” to whoever came to me looking for a good read.” [Read more]

The DMV Song by Doug Alberts and Noodle | STASH MAGAZINE

“The DMV Song” by Doug Alberts and Noodle

Before a recent jaunt to his local Department of Motor Vehicles, director/animator Doug Alberts could have just griped and complained like the rest of us but chose instead to spin the “personalities, funny smells, and paperwork” into a smile-inducing song and music video. [Read more]

Latitude Du Printemps Student Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

“Latitude Du Printemps” Student Short Film

Combining faux stop-motion, infographic icons, and multi-frame layouts into a quirky feel-good narrative, Latitude Du Printemps was created by six students as their grad film at Supinfocom Rubika in Valenciennes, France. [Read more]

MINI Editions by ManvsMachine | STASH MAGAZINE

New MINI “Editions” Courtesy of ManvsMachine

Founded in 1969 and owned by BMW since 2000, MINI’s reputation as a fun ride has been a constant throughout its history, and with the release of these special edition models, ManvsMachine takes that playfulness to the next level. [Read more]

Euphony Short Film by Sylvain Gaussens | STASH MAGAZINE

“Euphony” Short Film by Sylvain Gaussens

AD and Motion Designer Sylvain Gaussens in Paris: “The term Euphony is usually used in poetry to specify a pleasant succession of words and structures. This film is built like a melody between complexity and simplicity.” [Read more]

Wizz-Orelsan-The-quest-Music-video | STASH MAGAZINE

Orelsan “The Quest” Music video by Victor Haegelin

WIZZ director Victor Haegelin, whose stop motion talents elevated this spot for Expedia and intro’d the world to Captain 3D, puts French rapper Orelsan in the animator’s seat for his latest music video. [Read more]

Polpharma Forever Forest Brand Film by Pigeon Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

Polpharma “Forever Forest” Brand Film by Pigeon Studio

An ambitious mix of stop-motion, 2D design, 3D animation, illustration, and hand-poured porridge merge into an engaging explainer by Pigeon Studio in Kraków for an eco-initiative from Polish pharmaceutical brand Polpharma. [Read more]

Air Max Day CG Billboard by Kota Iguchi and CEKAI | STASH MAGAZINE

Air Max Day CG Billboard by Kota Iguchi and CEKAI

CD Kota Iguchi and his Tokyo creative collective CEKAI extend their relationship with Nike to the outdoors with this spectacular animated billboard perched above the Shinjuku area of Tokyo to mark Air Max Day 2022 on March 26. [Read more]

AIZE-Brand-Film-by-Tendril | STASH MAGAZINE

Aize Brand Film by Tendril

How do you convince no-nonsense industrial engineers to change the way they work? Director Nidia Dias and the Tendril design and CG crew take on that challenge with an inspiring brand film for Norwegian software makers Aize.
[Read more]

UNICEF Rabbids Consent PSA by Supamonks | STASH MAGAZINE

“UNICEF & Rabbids: Consent” PSA by Supamonks

Paris character animation masters Supamonks borrow members of the Raving Rabbids (aka Lapins crétins) and the guaranteed chaos that follows them to deliver an important message to children about their rights for UNICEF. [Read more]

Nike Space Hippie by Kasper Nyman | STASH MAGAZINE

Nike “Space Hippie” by Kasper Nyman

Copenhagen director/designer Kasper Nyman, who dropped this striking film for Noko eclectic bikes last year, combines his CG and graphic talents again in this fresh new R&D work looking at “sustainable practices meeting radical design.” [Read more]

Keys Short Film by 99C Works | STASH MAGAZINE

“Keys” Short Film by 99C Works

The vibrant motion design scene in Seoul, South Korea, continues to expand and delight with this in-house mix of wit and CG proficiency from new studio 99C Works providing the latest evidence. [Read more]

Akoni Ak Sprint Product Film by SubDivision Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

Akoni “Ak Sprint” Product Film by SubDivision Studio

While lust and envy are indeed two of the seven deadly sins, luxury brands have always relied on them to drive business. This new CG film by Milan’s SubDivision Studio for upscale eyewear maker Akoni is a beautiful example. [Read more]