Stash issue 163 | STASH MAGAZINE

Stash 163 Delivers Fresh Inspiration for the New Year

Kick-start all your creative bits with Stash 163, the latest feast of curated inspiration to hit the Stash Permanent Collection, the planet’s only streaming platform dedicated to exceptional motion design, animation, and VFX. [Watch]

Death Stranding and Anicorn Watch brand film by Morning Giants | STASH MAGAZINE

Morning Giants Make the Case for Death Stranding and Anicorn Watch Collaboration

Hong Kong animation studio Morning Giants punches up the release of the limited edition Reverse Trike Time and case set created by specialty watchmaker Anicorn and inspired by Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding game. [Watch]

John Likens Method Asgards Wrath 2 for Meta | STASH MAGAZINE

Method Studios Bring to Life the Epic Worlds of Asgard’s Wrath 2

Meta introduced its VR game Asgard’s Wrath 2 with a rampaging animated campaign including this visceral trailer from director John Likens who teamed with VFX super Ivan Guerrero and the post team at Method Studios. [Watch]

SkinCeuticals scientific skincare excellence brand film by MediaWork | STASH MAGAZINE

Media.Work Merges Beauty and Science for SkinCeuticals

Creative director Igor Sordokhonov and the Media.Work CG motion crew transform the line between beauty and evidence-based science into a riveting sequence of facts and metaphors in this new film for US skincare brand SkinCeuticals. [Watch]

ManvsMachine and Nanoscribe Sculpt Micro Miracles for Samsung | STASH MAGAZINE

ManvsMachine and Nanoscribe Sculpt Micro Miracles for Samsung

ManvsMachine laid aside their usual digital toolkit for this celebration of Samsung’s semiconductor prowess, developing a fully in-camera process using a scanning electron microscope to film nanoscopic 3D-printed models. [Watch]

Mercedes x League of Legends The Hunt For Glory The Mill | STASH MAGAZINE

The Mill+ Goes Over the Top for Mercedes x League of Legends in The Hunt For Glory

Mill+ director Tim Fox and The Mill post teams in three countries pull together for an adventure in design maximalism for this cross up of Mercedes-Benz and the 2023 League of Legends World championships held in Seoul. [Watch]

Clim Studio Builds Out Worlds of Luxury for Mr. Porter

Mr. Porter, the men’s online luxury lifestyle retailer, rolled through this past holiday season anchored by these three social media films designed and built by the team at Clim Studio in Barcelona. [Watch]

Oakley Max and Maxine Trailers by Revenant | STASH MAGAZINE

Revenant Unveils Future Genesis Trailers for Oakley

Founder/CD Kevin McCrae and the CG team at Revenant in Glasgow craft a pair of sci-fi teaser films for Oakley designed to unify the diverse interpretations of the company and “create a cohesive context for the brand’s evolution.” [Watch]

Motion-North-meet up Jan 17 | STASH MAGAZINE

Zelig Sound and Universal Everything Collective Headline Next Motion North Meet-Up

Motion North, the Manchester-based group of designers, animators, and VFX artists, returns January 17, 2024 with presentations from audio mavens Zelig Sound and pioneering visual studio Universal Everything. [Watch]

Naraka Bladepoint Asian Games Zombie Studio Final Frontier | STASH MAGAZINE

Zombie Studio and Final Frontier Mash It Up for Naraka: Bladepoint and the Asian Games

Zombie Studio director Paulo Garcia rallies a massive team and a dynamic mix of CG characters, Chinese-style ink animation, paper stop-motion, and live-action for this film that premiered before the 2023 Asian Games. [Watch]

Illo’s New Explainer for Thousand Currents is Motion Design for a Meaningful Cause

Creative director Cristina Pasquale leads the illustration and animation teams at illo in Turin, Italy, into a global adventure of bold colors, geometric patterns and diverse characters for grant-making organization Thousand Currents. [Watch]

Iceman George Gervin One9 doc inserts Studio AKA | STASH MAGAZINE

Studio AKA Paints Portraits of the “Iceman” for One9

Studio AKA director Steve Small conjures the dark times in the life of NBA hall of famer George Gervin in three evocative animated portait sequences for One9’s documentary Iceman, released on the NBA App and NBA TV. [Watch]

Spot Studio 4g and 8g brand films lool Eyewear | STASH MAGAZINE

Spot Studio Weighs Up Two Films for lool Eyewear

Director Nicolás Cañellas and the motion crew at Spot Studio in Barcelona elevate the profile of hometown eyewear maker lool with two precise and tactile films ​​​​​​​highlighting the brands light-weight and thoughtful designs. [Watch]

Florentina Gonzalez El After Del Mundo Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

Florentina González Explores the Afterlife After Life in “El After Del Mundo” Short Film

After a stellar tour of the festival circuit, Buenos Aires director Florentina González unleashes her wholly original and delightfully strange short film El After Del Mundo (about the post-apocalypse afterlife) to the wider world. [Watch]

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