ESPN "One App, One Tap" by Diego Berakha and 1stAveMachine Buenos Aires | STASH MAGAZINE

ESPN “One App, One Tap” by Diego Berakha and 1stAveMachine Buenos Aires

Working thru California agency Butler Shine Stern & Partners, director Diego Berakha and the crew at 1stAveMachine in Buenos Aires mash together live-action and a slew of animation and design styles for this phase two promo of the ESPN app. [Read more]

The National Gallery of Victoria "Planet City (Excerpt)" by Liam Young | STASH MAGAZINE

NGV Melbourne “Planet City (Excerpt)” by Liam Young

LA director and architect Liam Young describes Planet City, commissioned by The National Gallery of Victoria Melbourne, as both “an extraordinary image of tomorrow and an urgent examination of environmental questions facing us today.” [Read more]

Netflix "Invisible City" Main Titles by Dopo | STASH MAGAZINE

Netflix “Invisible City” Main Titles by Dopo

Oscar-nominated director Carlos Saldanha (Ice Age x 3, Rio x 2, Ferdinand, etc.) taps fellow Brazilian Juliano Storchi and Dopo VFX studios in Sao Paulo to craft the enigmatic main titles for his Netflix series Invisible City. [Read more]

Hidden Level "Airspace Monitoring Service" Explainer by Sam Tato | STASH MAGAZINE

Hidden Level “Airspace Monitoring Service” Explainer by Sam Tato

Given the rising tide of assembly-line explainer videos, finding a truly elegant and engaging project feels all the more rewarding. Case in point: this VO-free view into the tech of drone monitoring by CG artist and motion designer Sam Tato. [Read more]

Nike "The Land of New Football" by Felix Brady and The Mill | STASH MAGAZINE

Nike “The Land of New Football” by Felix Brady and The Mill

Stink director Felix Brady and the VFX crew at The Mill London create a ninety-second manifesto for Nike “focused on uniting football players and helping them to realize their collective power to create a new version of the game.” [Read more]

"Tribute to The Memphis Group" Short Film by Euisoo Lim | STASH MAGAZINE

“Tribute to The Memphis Group” Short Film by Euisoo Lim

Motion designer Euisoo Lim in Seoul, South Korea: “This video is a personal tribute to the Memphis Group founded by Ettore Sottsass and his colleagues in 1981 to showcase their furniture and lighting products. [Read more]

"It Can Be Anything" Short Film by Ryan Bergmann | STASH MAGAZINE

“It Can Be Anything” Short Film by Ryan Bergmann

Toronto filmmaker Ryan Bergmann explores pure creativity in this mini-doc based on the work and philosophy of Rachel Doucette, an artist whose open-mindedness and inclusivity are both refreshing and inspiring. [Read more]

"Synced" Short Film by Fabian Aerts | STASH MAGAZINE

“Synced” Short Film by Fabian Aerts

In his latest personal work, Belgian CD, motion designer, and 3D artist Fabian Aerts collaborates with Polish musician/producer Jutrø to explore society’s fascination with recognition, exhibitionism, and voyeurism. [Read more]