“DONKS” Short Film by Felix Colgrave

Australian director/animator/cartoonist and musician Felix Colgrave just unleashed his latest test of your cranial integrity, a whimsical and musical exploration of “ocean plastic, avatars, and adaptive bottom feeders”. [Watch]

Super Bowl Debut Framestore RadicalMedia | STASH MAGAZINE

CrowdStrike Saves Troy in Super Bowl Debut

Radical Media director Tarsem Singh and Framestore’s NY VFX crew added a hint of Monty Python to Super Bowl LVII with the debut spot for US cybersecurity company CrowdStrike (seen here in the extended 60-second version). [Watch]

Anime Meets AI in Linkin Park “Lost” Music Video by Shibuya

Maciej Kuciara and Emily Yang (aka pplpleasr), cofounders and artists at web3 content studio Shibuya take the lead in directing this riveting visual amalgam of anime and AI for the Linkin Park track “Lost”. [Watch]

Gorillaz Silent Running Music Video Jamie Hewlett Fx Goby Nexus | STASH MAGAZINE

Gorillaz “Silent Running” Music Video by Jamie Hewlett and Fx Goby

Nexus Studios director Fx Goby and Gorillaz co-creator Jamie Hewlett are back at it with a new music video that merges the animated quartet with pyrotechnics and prosthetics into a creepy/comic slice of fun. [Watch]

Squarespace The Singularity Adam Driver Super Bowl | STASH MAGAZINE

Squarespace Takes Adam Driver to the Super Bowl

Smuggler director Aoife McArdle and London VFX/post house Black Kite Studios help a confused Adam Driver figure out “The Singularity” in this extended 90-second version of Squarespace’s 2023 Super Bowl spot. [Watch]

EA Wild Hearts Trailer The Mill | STASH MAGAZINE

The Mill Tames a World Gone Wild in Game Trailer for EA’s Wild Hearts

EA’s new monster-hunting role-playing game Wild Hearts launches with this spectacular full-throttle CG trailer, a massive effort from Mill+ director Morten Vinther and the animation and creature crews at The Mill studios in Shanghai, Bangalore, London, and LA. [Watch]

“Aire” Short Film Looks at the Quiet Devastation of Quarantine

The Buenos Aires duo of director/animator Bruno Persico and graphic designer/writer Clara Fernández look back at the unexpected consequences of the pandemic shutdown on our closest relationships in their short film Aire. [Watch]

Factory Fifteen Albion Colossus Spitfire Audio | STASH MAGAZINE

Factory Fifteen Freezes the Action for Spitfire Audio’s Albion Colossus Library

London VFX/animation studio Factory Fifteen stages a series of high-octane action tableaux in this single-shot, full-CG sequence showcasing the music and sound design cues available in Spitfire Audio’s Albion Colossus library. [Watch]

Raindrop Short film Manuel Neto Ordinary Folk | STASH MAGAZINE

“Raindrop” Short film by Manuel Neto and Ordinary Folk

Ordinary Folk animator and motion designer Manuel Neto takes over the director’s chair for this concise and charming story of one intrepid character’s heroic response to the threat of rain. [Watch]

Cash App Brand Film by Tendril | STASH MAGAZINE

Tendril Snuggles Up to Tax Season for Cash App

With the goal of making filing your taxes “look and feel as comfortable as AF”, CD Alexandre Torres and the Tendril design/animation crew float a series of plush visuals for the finance app Cash App. [Watch]

PES Het Klokhuis Title Sequence | STASH MAGAZINE

10 Years Later, PES Updates His “Het Klokhuis” Title Sequence

Stop-motion innovator and Oscar-nominee PES unpeels new opening titles for the TV show Het Klokhuis (The Apple Core) on Dutch public network NTR, refreshing the frenetic originals he crafted back in 2013. [Watch]

Louis Poulsen Icons Brand Film by Frame | STASH MAGAZINE

Frame Showcases Lighting “Icons” for Louis Poulsen

Copenhagen motion studio Frame highlights nine iconic lamps, both classic and new, from Louis Poulsen’s Spring 2023 collection in the latest film collaboration between the two Danish design companies. [Watch]

The Meeps Love Louder Music Video | STASH MAGAZINE

Virtual Band The Meeps Drop “Love Louder” Music Video

Director Olivier Staphylas (Kung Fu Panda, How to Train Your Dragon) teams with choreographer Nicky Andersen (BTS, Taylor Swift) and a serious character design/animation crew to launch Simon Fuller’s virtual band The Meeps. [Watch]

YETI GoBox product film by PROPER | STASH MAGAZINE

PROPER Beats Up on the GoBox for YETI

The latest collab between Austin studio PROPER and outdoor gear maker YETI is an action-packed full-CG effort showcasing just how everything-proof and virtually indestructible the brand’s GoBox hard case really is. [Watch]