Stan Smith MYLO™ "Made With Nature" by FIELD | STASH MAGAZINE

Stan Smith MYLO™ “Made With Nature” by FIELD

Combining drone photography, CG, and live-action from secret research labs, FIELD in London intro the Stan Smith MYLO™ – a concept shoe made from mushrooms and part of adidas’ commitment “to create a more sustainable world”. [Read more]

Claritin "The Outsideologist Project" by Daniel DelPurgatorio and ATK PLN | STASH MAGAZINE

Claritin “The Outsideologist Project” by Daniel DelPurgatorio and ATKPLN

Daniel DelPurgatorio, who recently joined ATK PLN as ECD, leverages fun facts (like bees have five eyes and rabbits eat their own poop) to conjure a backyard full of wonder in this Claritin spot designed to get kids outdoors. [Read more]

Inspiring Girls "Milevas of the Future" Brand Film by Consulado | STASH MAGAZINE

Inspiring Girls “Milevas of the Future” Brand Film by Consulado

Directed by Brazilian animation studio Consulado with fellow São Paulo studio Gorila handling 2D, this film for international charity Inspiring Girls reveals Einstein’s first wife Mileva Marić as an inspirational role model for young girls. [Read more]

New "Commute" Curiosity by Panoply | STASH MAGAZINE

New “Commute” Curiosity Film by Panoply

Mark Lindner, creative director at Panoply in London: “The latest film in our Curiosity series is an abstract take on the memory of our daily rush-hour commute, packed together on London public transport. Our aim was to convey this feeling of a time that almost feels lost. [Read more]

PlayStation Plus "Best Of..." Spot by Paul WS Anderson and The Mill | STASH MAGAZINE

PlayStation Plus “Best Of…” Spot by Paul WS Anderson and The Mill

The Mob director Paul WS Anderson (known for such gentle fare as Alien vs. Predator, the Resident Evil franchise, and most recently Monster Hunter), stages an epic gaming challenge for PlayStation Plus with lots of VFX help from The Mill. [Read more]

"CONCRETE" Short Film by Aira Joana, Luca Struchen, Nicolas Roth, and Pirmin Bieri | STASH MAGAZINE

“CONCRETE” Short Film by Aira Joana, Luca Struchen, Nicolas Roth, and Pirmin Bieri

Created as their diploma film at the Lucerne School of Art and Design, director/animators Aira Joana, Luca Struchen, Nicolas Roth, and Pirmin Bieri merge 3D and 2D animation into a thoughtful meditation on place and purpose. [Read more]

"Yellowstone 88" Short Film by Little Fluffy Clouds | STASH MAGAZINE

“Yellowstone 88” Short Film by Little Fluffy Clouds

Founded 25 years ago this week, Bay Area studio Little Fluffy Clouds celebrate with the release of their latest short film, an animated ode Yellowstone National Park and devastating fires that swept through it in 1988. [Read more]

TXT "The Doom’s Night" by JinWoo Lee and Studio Pivote | STASH MAGAZINE

TXT “The Doom’s Night” by Studio Pivote

The five members of K-pop sensation TXT (TOMORROW X TOGETHER) battle “an unknown power” on the way to revealing each of their fictional backstories in this magic-filled adventure from the animation crew at Studio Pivote in Seoul. [Read more]