Amon Tobin Helps Peugeot Design the Fractal Concept

Electo-diety Amon Tobin joins forces with the all-Paris team of creative agency Cream, directing collective Deluxe, and CG-masters Mathematic for this riveting and impossibly sleek reveal of the Peugeot Fractal concept vehicle which premiered at the 2015 Frankfurt Motorshow.

William Blanc, founder/EP at Cream explains, “the movie was created to illustrate the design inspired by the sound and the spatialization of the sound inside the car.”

Rebecca Rice, producer at Mathematic: “We worked on the art direction of all the graphics on the shoot and after, using the Kinect to create particle effects for some of the visuals. We also worked on the 3D set for the sound room as well as the car in 3D and completed the SFX dust simulations.”
Cream_Peugeot | STASH MAGAZINE

Client: Peugeot

Agency: Cream

CG/VFX: Mathematic
Director: Deluxe
DOP: Laurent Rodriguez
Editor: Young Francis
Grading: Bertrand duval
Line Producer: Marc Fuentes
Production Coordinator: Elodie Ferrer
Executive Production Spain: SLSO
FX: Jean Pierre Grandet, Arthur Grandet
Hi Speed: Selim Zouaoui Sublab Prod
1st AC: Arnaud Gabriel
Key Grip: Jeff Dubut
Gaffer: Eric Gies
Precision Driver: Ronnie Paul
Arm Operator: Igor Teljukov
Wardrobe: Sonia Philouze
Make up: Annabelle Petit
Set design: Samantha Benne

Soundtrack: Amon Tobin