Adobe The World Is Your Canvas Director Cut Dvein | STASH MAGAZINE

Adobe “The World Is Your Canvas” Director’s Cut by Dvein

From directing duo Dvein in Barcelona: “For this fun collage-film for Adobe Photoshop we teamed up with Mathematic and 72andsunny and many other talents including Virginie Kypriotis, Ombrebueno, Mariah Midas, Chibuyum, Madkobra, Ferry Gouw, Kervin Brisseaux, Kate Moross, and Natasha Cunningham.” [Watch]

Pink Noise Sky Cry Music Video by Mathematic | STASH MAGAZINE

Pink Noise “Sky Cry” Music Video by Mathematic

From the team at Mathematic: “Sky Cry” is the new animated music video for artist Pink Noise, directed by Kim Chapiron and co-produced by international, award-winning animation studio Mathematic, Phantasm, Quiet, and Viral. [Watch]

Stash 151 trailer preview | STASH MAGAZINE
IGA The Trophy Christmas Film Mathematic | STASH MAGAZINE

IGA “The Trophy” Christmas Film by Mathematic

The creative and production teams behind IGA’s standout 2019 holiday film “Inseparables” regroup for another animated heartwarmer for the grocery chain, this time fusing food, family, and hockey into a very Canadian tale. [Watch]

Virginie Kypriotis Mathematic Pause Capsana | STASH MAGAZINE

Virginie Kypriotis and Mathematic Hit “Pause” for Capsana

Rebecca Rice, Associate Executive Creative Producer at Mathematic in Paris: “Commissioned by the Quebec health advisory board Capsana and conceived by agency lg2, the project is aimed at bringing awareness to parents about the overuse of screens in their children’s playtime. [Watch]

X Ambassadors "My Own Monster" Music Video by Daniel Iglesias Jr. and Mathematic | STASH MAGAZINE

X Ambassadors “My Own Monster” Music Video by Daniel Iglesias Jr. and Mathematic

Director Daniel Iglesias Jr. and the animation/VFX crew at Mathematic keep the mood light and the palette stark in this stylized dreamscape for the new track “My Own Monster” by American rock trio X Ambassadors. [Watch]