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Andy Serkis Joins Coldplay for “Adventure Of A Lifetime”

Turning rock stars into motion-captured dancing apes will cause both snickers and shudders in some quarters, but UK director Mat Whitecross lets fun trump any and all artistic concerns in his new Coldplay video with Andy Serkis in charge of MC and Mathematic creating the CG chimps and their jungle environment.

From The Imaginarium: “Thanks to the chance encounter of Andy Serkis and [Coldplay lead singer] Chris Martin on a flight, we’re lucky enough to have worked with the Coldplay team and Mathematic to bring you Adventure of a Lifetime.

“The band worked with the Imaginarium Studios team earlier this year, with Andy on hand to bring out their inner ape! We’re all very proud of how the video has turned out and hope you enjoy. Please do share with your fellow primates.”

Record label: Parlophone Records
Video Commissioner: Sam Seager

Production Company: My Accomplice
Director: Mat Whitecross
Producer: Hannah Clark
Executive Producers: Stefan Demetriou, Phil Harvey, Dave Holmes

Motion Capture: The Imaginarium
Perfomance Capture Consultant: Andy Serkis
Executive producer: Jonathan Cavendish

Post-production: Mathematic
Executive Producer: Guillaume Marien
International Line Producer: Rebecca Rice
VFX Producer: Hélène Saint-Riquier
VFX Supervisor: Julien Lambert