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Art&Graft: Boomerang Global Rebrand

London motion design studio Art&Graft unleash a torrent of frenetic, isometric fun for Boomerang, Turner Broadcasting’s cartoon classic network with an eye to “re-align the branding across territories and create a complementary channel to Cartoon Network, whilst establishing its own identity & personality.”

Art&Graft CD, Mike Moloney: “We looked to create a wonderfully playful brand identity – a fun-filled playground of surprise and excitement.

“The use of blocks relates to its ‘bigger brother’ Cartoon Network, allowing the two brands to complement one another yet, with the use of rich color and isometric grid, also enables Boomerang to stand out clearly as its own destination. A place packed full of magic and wonder, where things are constantly revealed and appear in unexpected and entertaining ways.”

Concept, Design & Direction by Art&Graft

Creative Directors:
Mike Moloney (Art&Graft)
Michael Ouweleen (Cartoon Network)
Jacob Escobedo (Cartoon Network)
Lead Creative:
William Mercer (Art&Graft)

Beth McQueen (Art&Graft)
Susan Shipsky (Cartoon Network)
Lead Designers / Animators:
Martin Salfity (Art&Graft)
Clement Bolla (Art&Graft)
Stephen Middleton (Art&Graft)
Jim Wheeler (Art&Graft)

Animators working as part of the in-house team at Art&Graft:
Martin Aggerholm, Jason Drew, Carlos de Faria, James Hatley, Jamie Hoy, Sebastian Livingston, Sam Munnings, Marco Savignano, Joseph Winston.

Music & Sound Design: Bluetube

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