Makino_Baloney Speaker | STASH MAGAZINE

Atsushi Makino for Sasano Maly’s “Baloney Speaker”

Director/animator Atsushi Makino hand-crafted more than 60 intensely detailed match boxes then blended them with traditional animation, CG, stop-motion, and roto’d footage of Japanese artist Sasano Maly performing his track “Baloney Speaker” for U&R Records.

Atsushi Makino: “When I read the lyrics, I saw a boy’s heart who’s cut down the connection with others to protect himself, who’s struggle is a lonely whirpool in my mind.”

Label: U&R records
Director: Atsushi makino
Assistant Designer?Asuka Nagata
Assistant Animator: Kevin Bao Shengrui
3D Artist: Kenji Kawasaki
Production company: Eallin Japan
Animation/VFX company: Eallin Japan
URL for animation/vfx house :
Outline & Cosept of the work