Behold the “inTENsity” of Bounty / Banana Land

Parisian directing duo Bounty / Banana (aka Steven Briand and Julien Jourdain De Muizon) mark 10 years in the business with a rebrand and this blast of collaborative insanity offering a frenzied peak into their creative life.

Steven Briand and Julien Jourdain De Muizon: “The quest for inspiration, for inTENsity, is our excuse to continue exploring creative ways to tell stories, and to welcome anyone into our universe.

“To craft this work of love, we invited a few friends to play along with us:

• Manuel Cam Studio co-produced this film and many others over the decade by pretty much just saying: ‘Knock yourself out and lock the door when you leave.”

• Brut studio co-produced the animation parts and summoned the talent of its squad, spread out over the world, to create visual WTF around our faces and bodies with little regard for our ego.

• 20syl (C2C, AllttA), our national hip-hop and beat-making godfather (four times platinum disc, and four times DJing world champion), honored us with a tailor-made track, cracking up the tension, like bubbles in a coke.

• Mahdi Lepart, DOP, who brought his unique eye, open mind, and unwavering will to make beautiful images even in the face of Murphy’s law.

• Victor Haegelin our very own world-renowned stop-motion animator was left with our puppet doppelgangers in a dark room to do as he pleased.

“And all the other talents in the credits, that brought tremendous energy to turn our weird ideas into reality, and pushing them to make the final film as explosive as possible.”

Bounty Banana inTENsity Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

Bounty Banana inTENsity Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

Bounty Banana inTENsity Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

Bounty Banana inTENsity Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE
Director: Bounty / Banana
Producer: Bounty / Banana, Manuel Cam, Brut
Design/2D animation: Bounty / Banana
VFX: Bounty / Banana
Editor: Florian Julia
Stopmotion animation: Victor Haegelin
2D animation studio: Brut Executive Producer: Martin Allais
Producer: Sara Camacho Gutiérrez Studio Manager: Marga López
Design: Maxim de Gilder, Marcela Bustamante, Studio Mostro, Novenero Studio
Animation: Bujor Stefanescu, Novenero Studio, Studio Mostro
Clean up Lead: Marga López Clean up: Studio Mostro
Colorist: Nicolas Gautier

With: Julien, Steven, Berengère, Milos, Tristan, Raphaële, Nelson, Venino, Lucas, Zac, Coulibaly, Tijane, Sussou, Franck, Yue, Luc, Manon

Music: 20Syl
Sound design: Christophe Menassier

Special thanks: Ariane & Asia Briand Kotsovassilis, Stephanie, Swann & Lou Jourdain de Muizon Violo

Thanks: Manuel Cam, RVZ, Firm, Brut, Jean Louis Padis, Julie Perrono, Charlotte Brisebarre, Pierre Jaspard, Martin Allais, Boucherie Claude, Birdy Hamburgers, Bar le Château d’Eau, Gracie Barra Paris et Julien Cazier, Le Point Éphémère, Eva Studzinski, Cathy Ematchoua, Luca Fiore, Aliashka Hilsum, Léonore Zurfluh, Hajiba Fahmy & Dalila Cortes, Sofia Coppola

Production baby: Nova Briand Kotsovassilis