BUCK Delivers FedEx Heroes in New “Tall Tales” Campaign

ECD Kevin Walker and CDs Fernando Bittar & Janice Ahn lead the BUCK team as they conjure a kinetic mix of 3D and 2D animation for a series of real-life “Tall Tales of True Deliveries” for FedEx thru BBDO.

The spots feature a driver in Georgia who helped a young fan send a skateboard to his idol Tony Hawk, a courier who saves a beach wedding with a heroic ring delivery, and a pair of agents who save a fragile original Elvis film print from certain destruction.


Client: FedEx

Agency: BBDO

Production: BUCK
Executive Creative Director: Kevin Walker
Creative Directors: Fernando Bittar, Janice Ahn
Executive Producer: Justin Harris
Producer: Alex DeSanto
Associate Producer: Flo Fusco
Global Head of 3D: Doug Wilkinson
Head of 3D/Look of Picture Supervisor: Alex Dingfelder
3D Supervisor: Arvid Volz
3D Lead: Kien Hoang
3D Animation Supervisors: Peter DeSalvo, Remi Comtois
Previs Supervisor: Alejandra Alvarez
2D Animation Director: Nick Petley
Senior Art Director: Jigyu Yoon
Post Production Supervisor: Jose Fuentes
Storyboard: Rodney Lambright, Stephen Loveluck, Tristyn Pease
Design/Concept Art: Arron Ingold, Beatriz Mayumi, Chelsea Lee, Conor Smith, Dan Muangprasert, Fernando Utreras, Jigyu Yoon, Jong Lee, Marcus Collins, Mindy Park, Nathan Hernandez, Stan Chan
3D Modeling/Texturing: Alfonso Petersen, Anita Kang, Arvid Volz, Ash Samet, Fabio Wasques, Filipe Machado, James Schauf, Manon Sailly
Rigging Supervisor: Ernesto Ruiz Velasco
Rigging: Hernan Ares, Juan Carlos Barraza Mendoza, Nico Sanghrajka, Regina Cicone
Lighting TD: Jens Lindgren
Lighting/Compositing: Alex Dingfelder, Beatrice Viguier, Carlos Moran Villanueva, Chloe Tu, Daniel Pernikoff, Jiawen Liang, Kien Hoang, Rui Huang, Tina Chao
3D Animation Lead: Hillary McCarthy
3D Animation: Alejandra Alvarez, Daniel Huertas Bustamante, Ida Zhu, Kaine Simmonds, Katherine Guggenberger, Pierre Marine, Valerie Lim
FX Artists: Adam Webber, Carlos Moran Villanueva, Jacky Jackson
2D Animation Lead: Lauren Tom
Cel Animation: Junyi Xiao, Shelby Chan, Stephen Loveluck
AE Animation: Maria Eugenia Franco, Nick Brown, Nick Petley, Ryoko Kondo, Zac Miller
Senior Editor: Billy Kostka
Post Production Support: Cameron Kelly, Talia Mazzarella
Colorist: Jeremy Stuart

Additional Previs/3D Animation: Agora Studio
Project Manager:Agustina Rossito
Executive Producer: Nicolas-Alexandre Noel

Live Action Director: Fernando Bittar
Live Action Production Manager: Elizabeth Abrams
Executive Producer/On-Set Coverage: Kim Stephens
Head of Production – Live Action: Trish Rigby
Line Producer: Brian Bennhoff

Music/Music Edit/Sound Design/Mix: Antfood