Buck Demystifies Airbnb in India

From the team at Buck: “This job for Airbnb India required us to think beyond our borders. The result is a collection of three sprightly stories featuring the antics of Nina, Farah, and Rahul.

“The task? To break down commonly held misconceptions about Airbnb in India and encourage locals to venture forth and explore the world with Silicon Valley’s most prodigious company.

“From beanie down to boots, every detail spoke to the cultural heritage and unique personalities of each character. We tested out every body type imaginable – boxy, rotund, pointy, and wobbly. Whilst our finished characters are more restrained in style, bold and gestural acting brings out the Bollywood drama we all know and love.

“We strived to make our miniature stays tactile by accentuating the rich wood, brass, and stone textures of each one. Every minute detail, be it a swinging rope bridge or a perfectly placed bottle of wine, helped make each of our miniature accommodations delectably enticing.”



Client: Airbnb

Production: Buck
Executive Producer: Erica Ford
Creative Director: Gareth O’Brien
Associate Creative Director: Lucas Brooking
Producer: Jordan Howes
Art Director: Luke Saunders
CG Lead: Elijah Akouri
Storyboard: Luke Saunders, Salvatore Scopelliti, William Pietsch
Design: Bernd Bousard, Glen Miralles, Lara Lee, Liz Smith, Lucas Brooking, Luke Saunders, Manu Correa Soto, Peter McDonald, Salvatore Scopelliti, Scarlett Starling
Modeling: Bryce Pemberton, Carly Glover, Elijah Akouri, Greg Petchkovsky, Manon Sailly, Tim Krakowiak
Rigging Supervisor: Ernesto Ruiz Velasco
Rigging: Ernesto Ruiz Velasco, Juan Carlos Barraza Mendoza, Xiong Lin
Animation Lead: Ben Hubbard
3D Animation Lead: Craig Baxter, Kate Kerrigan, Tyler Lancaster
Look Development: Carly Glover, Chuong Vu, Elijah Akouri, Hugo Jackson, Sana Srinivasan, Tim Krakowiak
Lighting: Chuong Vu, Elijah Akouri, Hugo Jackson
2D Animator: Aleksander Saharovsky, Luke Saunders
Compositing: Chuong Vu, Fiona Lu, Hugo Jackson