TyFlow-Fish-Schools-Short-Film-by-Krzysztof-Hrycak | STASH MAGAZINE

TyFlow “Fish Schools” R&D Compilation by Krzysztof Hrycak

Director/animator Krzysztof Hrycak in Kraków, Poland: “[These are the] R&D results of a PhysX-based crowd system with full dynamics and interaction between all the elements. [Read more]

2022 Motion Motion Festival Trailer by Melina Poire | STASH MAGAZINE

2022 Motion Motion Festival Trailer by Melina Poire

Director and motion designer Mélina Poiré in Montreal: “Motion Motion is a Nantes-based design festival offering the opportunity to discover the diversity of motion graphics through exhibitions, conferences, meetings, screenings, children’s workshops, and audiovisual concerts. [Read more]

Minima Blockchain Manifesto by Ordinary Folk | STASH MAGAZINE

Minima Blockchain “Manifesto” by Ordinary Folk

From the team at Ordinary Folk in Vancouver: “When it came to introducing their mission to the world, Minima wanted to go for something a little outside what you’d normally expect from a web3 company.” [Read more]

Untold Studios Signs Director Annie Nguyen | STASH MAGAZINE

Untold Studios Signs Artist/Director Annie Nguyen

From the release: Annie Nguyen is a dynamic, multi-faceted artist and director based in LA, known for her unique, design-led approach. Annie is the second in a series of new creative hires for Untold Studios which continues to grow its team in the newly launched LA studio. [Read more]

Faith In Nature What Would Nature Say by Odd Bleat and NOMINT | STASH MAGAZINE

Faith In Nature “What Would Nature Say?” by Odd Bleat and NOMINT

Marilena Vatseri, EP/managing director at NOMINT in London: “Natural beauty products brand Faith In Nature has launched its first-ever awareness campaign helping everyone make greener decisions by asking a simple question ‘What would nature say?'” [Read more]

On_Running_Cloud | STASH MAGAZINE

On Running “The Cloud” Product Film by FutureDeluxe

From the team at FutureDeluxe: “Collaborating with Swiss footwear company On Running, we created a series of films showcasing the recent upgrades to their classic shoe The Cloud.” [Read more]