Raxo Short Film Always Curious | STASH MAGAZINE

Raxo’s New Collaborative Short Film is “Always Curious”

From the team at the design studio and creative agency Raxo in NYC: “At Raxo, we have fun with the many forms design can take, and we always look for more. We get better because we stay in love with our craft, its versatility, and its fluidity. [Watch]

Vadim Epstein AI-Generated Film Ghosts | STASH MAGAZINE

Vadim Epstein’s AI-Generated Short Film “Ghosts”

Director and media artist Vadim Epstein: “Ghosts is the most complete and extended opus from the ongoing series, exploring complexity emergence, based on feedback loops. [Watch]

YY London Branding Film DNCO Made by Stella | STASH MAGAZINE

YY London Brand Film by DNCO and Made by Stella (Director’s Cut)

From the team at design agency DNCO in London: “Now more than ever, places of work need to be extraordinary. They need to nurture learning and collaboration, inspire us, help us to keep fit, and draw people back together. At YY London, we created a brand that signals the future of work environments as places that aim to change how people feel.” [Watch]

Beats by Dre Never Beaten Gaia Alari | STASH MAGAZINE

Beats by Dre “Never Beaten” by Gaia Alari

Milan director/animator Gaia Alari uses hand-drawn flipbook animation to send a powerful and personal message from UK rapper Dave to Manchester United star Marcus Rashford highlighting the footballer’s life journey and showcasing “how he stays resilient to pressure in his pursuit of greatness.” [Watch]

Sebastien Camden Altitude Sports Newfound Respect for Running | STASH MAGAZINE

Sebastien Camden and Altitude Sports Find a “Newfound Respect for Running”

Director/animator/designer Sebastien Camden in Montreal: “This film is a self-narrated mini-doc created for Altitude Sports as part of their Creators Series. The brief was simple: tell us about something you recently had a renewed respect for. [Watch]

NPR All Things Considered Duke and Duck | STASH MAGAZINE

NPR “All Things Considered” Spot by Duke & Duck

From the design and animation team at Duke & Duck: “When our D.C. neighbor, NPR, reached out to collaborate on a new visual campaign for All Things Considered, we were thrilled. Being a team of podcast fans, we leaped at the opportunity to help ATC tell its story. [Watch]