Swiss line Cosmetics Diamond Line Miki Nemcek | STASH MAGAZINE

Swiss line Cosmetics Diamond Line Launch Film by Miki Nemcek

In the follow up to his Swiss line “Force Vitale” launch film, Prague-based director/animator and CG artist Miki Nemcek merges the fluid and the crystalline for the launch of the luxury cosmetic brand’s Cell Shock White Diamond Serum and Diamond Essence products. [Read more]

Kate_Aspell_Ryan_Mclaughlin Scholar | STASH MAGAZINE

Scholar Adds EPs Kate Aspell and Ryan McLaughlin in New York

Scholar welcomes Kate Aspell and congratulates former Head of Production Ryan McLaughlin on their new roles as Executive Producers in the New York studio. [Read more]

FXX Always Sunny in Philadelphia by Block & Tackle | STASH MAGAZINE

FXX “Always Sunny in Philadelphia” S15 Graphics Package by Block & Tackle

From the team at Block & Tackle in New York: “Everyone’s got that herd mentality these days, hunkered down in our tribes, modeling behavior on whatever’s trendy at the moment… without thinking.” [Read more]


“ADVENT x FAREWELL” Short Film / NFT Diptych by Fabian Aerts

Motion Designer and 3D Artist Fabian Aerts in Brussels, Belgium: “‘ADVENT x FAREWELL’ was designed as a diptych which symbolizes the beginning and the end of an era, birth and death that accompanies everything coming from this world. [Read more]

Yat Fung Leung Conjures Memories of Childhood in Snack No Series | STASH MAGAZINE

Yat Fung Leung Conjures Memories of Childhood in “Snack F#ck No Series”

Motion designer Yat Fung Leung in Hong Kong: “What started as a fun little streaming project for Huevember 2021 became a huge exploration into a style that I was unfamiliar with. Taking inspiration from digital oil paintings and iridescent art, I embarked on an adventure that took me two months to complete. [Read more]

“Forever” Short Film by Mitch McGlocklin

Director Mitch McGlocklin in Los Angeles: “‘Forever’ was created with the experimental technique of using LiDAR to capture real-life moments and environments. The LiDAR unit used to acquire the footage was originally created for self-driving cars.” [Read more]