ArsenalCreative VFX Supervisor Thomas J. Connors | STASH MAGAZINE

ArsenalCreative Names Thomas J. Connors as VFX Supervisor

From the release: Seasoned 3D artist Thomas Connors has been named VFX Supervisor/CG Generalist at ArsenalCreative. Founder Mark Leiss announced Connors’ appointment, which is effective immediately. [Read more]

"Freeze Frame" Short Film by Soetkin Verstegen | STASH MAGAZINE

Soetkin Verstegen Animates Stop-Motion Ice in “Freeze Frame” Short Film

Brussels-based animator Soetkin Verstegen calls her attempt to use ice for a stop-motion film “the most absurd technique since the invention of the moving image.” [Read more]

Guessmas 2 short film by Mike Russo | STASH MAGAZINE

Mike Russo’s “Guessmas” Returns with more Holiday Clues

Motion designer Mike Russo in Brooklyn (currently at Block & Tackle): “‘Guessmas’ began last year as a way for me to round out the year with a personal project, and stretch creative muscles in the process. I have a huge love for the holidays and making content that relates to Christmas really brings a smile to my face. [Read more]

International Rescue Committee "Courage To Continue" by Jocie Juritz | STASH MAGAZINE

International Rescue Committee “Courage To Continue” by Jocie Juritz

Animation director Jocie Juritz in London: “These are the words of Audrey, Baimba, and Hassan who, despite everything they’ve been through, have found the courage within themselves to continue on.” [Read more]

ESPN "Loud Channel Rebrand" by Superestudio | STASH MAGAZINE

ESPN “Loud Channel Rebrand” by Superestudio

Creative agency Superestudio in Buenos Aires: “Designing a unified look for the visionary ESPN sports brand across all international territories, including key markets of Latin America, Africa, Oceania, and South East Asia, was epic. [Read more]

Jesper Ryom "Nights" Music Video by Mathijs Luijten | STASH MAGAZINE

Jesper Ryom “Nights” Music Video by Mathijs Luijten

Motion designer/director Mathijs Luijten: “I sometimes send a message to people who inspire me, like Jesper Ryom. A casual Facebook message, what could possibly come from that…? [Read more]