Zunc Studio SkinCeuticals Six18 Campaign | STASH MAGAZINE

Zunc Studio Showcases SkinCeuticals Line-up in Six18 Campaign

From the team at Zünc Studio in London: “To reinforce SkinCeuticals’ position as a leader in innovative medically-approved skincare, we created a suite of visuals for their Six18 campaign featuring nine of their best-selling products.” [Watch]

Canteen-supersensory | STASH MAGAZINE

CANTEEN Expands Tabletop Talents With CG Specialists Supersensory

From the release: Los Angeles-based tabletop studio, CANTEEN, has signed the directing collective supersensory, pioneering new territory beyond traditional live-action tabletop production. [Watch]

Sehsucht-signs-with-Not-To-Scale | STASH MAGAZINE

Sehsucht Signs With Not To Scale

From the release: We are proud to announce Not To Scale’s newest partnership with creative studio, Sehsucht. Since 2000, Sehsucht has stood as Germany’s unrivaled creative powerhouse. [Watch]

Scholar Director Cristina Barna | STASH MAGAZINE

Meet Scholar’s Newest Director Cristina Barna

From the release: Born and raised in Northern Italy, Cristina Barna, Scholar’s newest director, has been immersed in art and the culture of design from the very beginning. [Watch]

Nickelodeon Global Rebrand 2023 Roger | STASH MAGAZINE

Roger Crew Channels Their Inner Kid With Nickelodeon Rebrand

From the release: Branding and design agency Roger recently partnered with Nickelodeon to collaborate on its first rebrand in 14 years. The cornerstone of the new brand identity is an update to the iconic Splat logo, unveiled during Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards 2023. [Watch]

Brickland Polestar 3 configuration | STASH MAGAZINE

Brickland Configures the Polestar 3 with Beautiful Details

From the team at Brickland in Göteborg, Sweden: “We built all the content for the Polestar 3 digital car configurator. This film is a summary of the pipeline we created to showcase the different variants of the car, as well as a sneak peek at their user-friendly platform, where you can get the same experience of the car’s best features directly online as on-site.” [Watch]