TENSION Short Film Rifat Muharram Harrison Grant | STASH MAGAZINE

“TENSION” Short Film by Rifat Muharram and Harrison Grant

Director/animators Rifat Muharram and Harrison Grant in Melbourne, Australia: “A contemporary gallery featuring a series of thought-provoking installations. This is the first in the series called ILLOGICAL FORMS that explores pressure and how tension can change the behavior of objects. Taking structural elements and re-imagining how they would behave through simulation.” [Watch]

Shortverse-Launch-by-Short-of-the-Week | STASH MAGAZINE

Short of the Week Launches Shortverse Platform for Filmmakers and Fans

From the release: Short film has long been the training ground for the next generation of filmmakers. Most filmmakers like The Daniels (Everything Everywhere All At Once) and Jim Cummings (Thunder Road) find their unique voice while making short films. [Watch]

Therabody SmartGoggles Launch Film by DNGR | STASH MAGAZINE

Therabody “SmartGoggles” Launch Film by DNGR

Director/animator Sloan Anderson at 3D motion/visualization studio DNGR in Denver: “Therabody reached out to us to produce three complete world-class product animations for an upcoming product launch – all in under 12 weeks from concept to completion. [Watch]

Duolingo-buys-Gunner-Animation-Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

Mobile Learning Platform Duolingo Acquires Gunner Design and Animation Studio

From the release: Duolingo, Inc. (Nasdaq: DUOL), the world’s leading mobile learning platform, announced today that it has completed the acquisition of Gunner, a design and animation studio based in Detroit. [Watch]

Tooletries Reusable Forever Brand Film TAVO Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

Tooletries “Reusable Forever” Brand Film by TAVO Studio

Tavo Ponce, founder and CD at TAVO Studio in Madrid: “Tooletries is an Australian company that specializes in grooming and personal care products. Made of silicone to ensure they perform to a high standard and are also long-lasting, they also do not use plastic packaging anymore. Design, functionality, and simplicity are the main pillars of this brand. [Watch]

Tundra Animation The Sky Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

Tundra Honors Endangered Indigenous Cultures with “Sakha” Short Film

Alexander Okhlopkov founder of animation studio Tundra: “Tundra is an animation studio from New Zealand and Yakutia in North Eastern Russia, our mission is to share the indigenous culture of Sakha with the world through the art of animation. [Watch]