Niesmann+Bischoff iSmove Launch film by Aixsponza | STASH MAGAZINE

Niesmann+Bischoff “iSmove” Launch Film by Aixsponza

From Aixsponza in Munich: “Join us on an epic journey from the shoreline all the way up to the highest mountain peaks in this launch package we created together with Peter Clausen Filmproduktion for German Motorhome brand Niesmann+Bischoff. [Read more]

"Stag" Short film by Dave Webster | STASH MAGAZINE

“Stag” Short film by Dave Webster

Motion director/CG artist Dave Webster in London: “Stag is a personal project – the main purpose was to blur the boundaries between live-action, CG, and macro photography, with each shot containing at least two of each, in various forms, so as to create one ambiguous growth sequence. [Read more]

Sydney Water “Love Water” by Buck | STASH MAGAZINE

Sydney Water “Love Water” Campaign by Buck

Gareth O’Brien, ECD at Buck in Sydney: “The videos are an ode to the love of water and all the amazing things it can do. The objective is to get people to be mindful of their water usage and to demonstrate different ways for them to make small changes to conserve it during their daily lives in a fun and humorous manner. [Read more]

The Happy Broadcast by Animade | STASH MAGAZINE

“The Happy Broadcast” Book Trailer by Animade

From Animade in London: “With a sumptuously open brief from founder Mauro Gatti, we had the pleasure of delivering this 30-second animation all about the goodness in the world. [Read more]

ImStick brand film by Prand | STASH MAGAZINE

ImStick Brand Film by Prand

Directors Nade Minakova and Andrey Nesterov at Prand animation studio in Moscow:: “Have you ever tried to tell an incredible story but nobody believed you? Well, one hit on the head and inspiration can fix it! Our new project is about a guy who invented an irreplaceable helper for a smartphone – the Imstick.” [Read more]

Callaway Golf Distance Any Way You Swing It commercial | STASH MAGAZINE

Fellow and Callaway Promise “Distance Any Way You Swing It”

Marcelo Petrella and Vincent Wauters, partners at Fellow in Los Angeles: “Our friends at Callaway Golf were excited to advertise their new line of golf clubs, Big Bertha 21, designed to fix the slice on your average golf swing. [Read more]