LG “Living Walls” Installation by Red Paper Heart and Gensler XD

From the team at Red Paper Heart in Brooklyn: “This project is an exploration into animated methods of transforming office space using LG’s transparent OLED screens as room dividers – it was designed in collaboration with Gensler XD and installed at Open Innovation Forum 2022 in Las Vegas. [Watch]

Lobster Drops ID 2 | STASH MAGAZINE

Lobster Drops In-house ID #2: Are We There Yet?

From CD Nikolay Ivanov and the animation team at Lobster: “This is the second ID film we have created for Lobster. Being a creative studio we always recognize the importance of innovation and experimentation, which is why we love to create projects to push our boundaries and experiment with new approaches and techniques of storytelling.” [Watch]

Joe Sill Impossible Objects short film The Cloud Racer | STASH MAGAZINE

Joe Sill and Impossible Objects Release Unreal Engine Proof of Concept Film “The Cloud Racer”

From director Joe Sill and the team at Impossible Objects in Manhattan Beach, CA: “A struggling outerling pilots his race-craft over the apocalyptic streets of future Los Angeles in a fierce aerial competition against the much better funded corporate teams with his trusted father (who also serves as his mechanic) by his side.” [Watch]

Renewcell x Zara Circulose Campaign by Stato | STASH MAGAZINE

Renewcell x Zara Circulose Brand Film by Stato

Co-founders Jimena Passadore and José León Molfino at motion design studio Stato in Buenos Aires: “Swedish textile-to-textile recycling company Renewcell has created a recycling process that dissolves cotton cellulose from textile waste and transforms it into a new material called Circulose® which can then be made into viscose fibers.” [Watch]

Brummie Kong Short film by Kong Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

Kong Studio Traces the Unlikely Adventures of “Brummie Kong”

Co-founder Bill Elliott at Kong Studio in London: “Our in-house Long Story Short series is about showing truth can be stranger than fiction in the space of a single minute. This latest installment was already in production when we heard the great King Kong would be making a return to Birmingham in 2022 for the […] [Watch]

TACTYC Studio The Office is Dead LabCampus | STASH MAGAZINE

TACTYC Studio Declares “The Office is Dead” for LabCampus

From the team at TACTYC Studio in Arnstorf, Germany: “We had the pleasure to create some clips together with agency Hello München in the new campaign for office solution provider LabCampus Munich.” [Watch]