Merchant director Chris Sargent | STASH MAGAZINE

Emmy Winner Chris Sargent Signs to Merchant for Canadian Representation

From the release: Canadian production company Merchant welcomes award-winning director Christopher Sargent for commercial representation in Canada. [Watch]

MOGI Moloka Knock Knock Animation | STASH MAGAZINE

MOGI Moloka Brand Film by Knock-Knock Animation

Knock-Knock Animation in Taipei, Taiwan just popped onto the Stash radar with this cute animated brand film featuring the Moloka line of characters from MOGI Toys. [Watch]

Zhiben Duo Yuan Frame Final Frontier | STASH MAGAZINE

Zhiben “Duo Yuan” Product Film by Frame and Final Frontier

Thomas Bay, founder and EP at Frame in Copenhagen: “Luxury skincare company, Zhiben engaged us to create a new film for its Total Solution Ultra-effective Series. The product was created to revitalize skin to a younger state, with its specially designed skin protection ingredients combination. [Watch]

Mute Jetson Pods Jesper Lindborg Joseph Winston | STASH MAGAZINE

Step Inside Mute’s Jetson Pods With Jesper Lindborg and Joseph Winston

Directors Jesper Lindborg and Joseph Winston: “Our friends over at [Polish interior acoustics company] Mute wanted to create a film showcasing their new line of office pods. Using simple environments and angular compositions, the film’s main focus was all about highlighting what makes the Jetson so unique and reflects its bold craftmanship. [Watch]

Bouclair Video Billboard Vincent Raineri Rodeo FX | STASH MAGAZINE

Bouclair Video Billboard by Vincent Raineri and Rodeo FX

Director/AD Vincent Raineri in Montreal: “In 2021, to inaugurate its boutique in the heart of Griffintown, Canadian lifestyle brand Bouclair commissioned Montreal studio Rodeo FX to create content for their new urban showcase, the largest outdoor screen in the city.” [Watch]

Twistedpoly Wallpaper for GoogleDesign | STASH MAGAZINE

Twistedpoly Hangs Living Wallpaper for Google Design

Digital artist Nejc Polovsak in Slovenia: “Working with Nando Costa, we explored the idea of a living, breathing wallpaper. An immersive scene that is unique to each of our devices, which grows and mutates based on our actions.” [Watch]