Can Envy Be Good? Alain De Botton Says Yes

The latest exceptional video for The School Of Life applies Alain De Botton’s bottomless wisdom to the under-appreciated emotion of envy, it’s purpose, and why we evolved it in the first place. All wonderfully packaged in the illustration and motion stylings of RCA grads Lara Lee and Hannah Jacobs.

Directors/animators: Lara Lee and Hannah Jacobs
Narration: Anna Martine.
Thank you: Kerry Leatham for her assistance with sound design

In case you missed it, here’s another film for The School Of Life from Jacobs and Lee that hits emotional notes seldom even contemplated in explainer videos.

Directed and animated by Hannah Jacobs
Animation assistance Lara Lee
Edited by Zach Ellams
Narration by Anna Martine
Music by Kerry Leatham

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