Flipping Filip Game Trailer “Unpleasant Nap” by Mehdi Alibeygi

Mehdi Alibeygi: “Flipping Filip is a highly stylized 2D puzzle-adventure game by Deedema Games with fully hand-drawn animations.

“The game follows the story of Filip, a depressed middle-aged man who is suffering from a very strange disorder: a sneeze is all it takes for Filip to unwillingly turn into a superhero named Pilif.

“The art style is inspired by eastern European animations like Pampalini Lowca Zwierzat, Mr. Hiccup (Italian/ Swiss series), Professor Balthazar (Croatian series) and some cartoonists including Sempe (Jean-Jacques), Quino (Joaquin Lavado) and Bruno Bozzetto”

Client: Deedema Games
Writer/director: Mehdi Alibeygi
Producer/creators: Mehdi Alibeygi, Moin Samadi
Animators: Hadi Tabasi (Lead), Mehdi Alibeygi, Pedram Taghavi
Assist: Amir Meisami
Composite: Moin Samadi
Sound/music: Armin Bahari