Giant Ant and Pearl the Cat for MailChimp’s Google Integration

Giant Ant: “We had the most fun ever on this fast turn around spot for MailChimp, introducing their Google Retargeting Ads integration!

“On what could have been a UI tour, they let us tell the story using Pearl, a short attention-spanned feline wandering the internet in search of yarn.”

Client: MailChimp

Directed by Giant Ant
Producer: Liam Hogan
Creative Direction: Jay Grandin
Script: Jay Grandin & Mailchimp
Storyboard: Rafael Mayani, Jay Grandin
Art Direction & Design: Rafael Mayani
Animation Direction: Henrique Barone
Cel Animation: Henrique Barone, Chris Anderson, Alex Grigg
Cleanup: Chris Anderson, Henrique Barone, Junyi Xiao, Fernanda Ribeiro, Taylor Peters
2D Animation & Compositing: Matt James

Original Music: Sonos Sanctus

Immediate Byte