Giant Ant Makes a Retail Splash for Sonos

From Giant Ant: “We teamed up again with our friends at Anomaly, this time to create a looping retail experience to show off that big Sonos sound. We made four short scenes of different kinds of entertainment experiences to give customers a taste of… the Sonos.”

Client: Sonos

Agency: Anomaly NYC

Directed by Giant Ant
Producer: Teresa Toews
Creative Direction: Jay Grandin
Illustration: Rafael Mayani, Conor Whelan, Eric Pautz, Marion Bordeyne
Cel Animation: Henrique Barone, Conor Whelan, Shawn Hight
Additional Cleanup:Taylor Peters, Rafael Mayani
2D Animation & Compositing: Conor Whelan, Shawn Hight
3D Animation: Shawn Hight, Matt James, Scotty Wilson
Sound Design: Greg McAllister